China Boy Slaps 2YO Brother & Causes Him To Nearly Get Run Over By Oncoming Car

Image: Screengrab From Video From Asia One

Most of us who have siblings would probably say that they have a love-hate relationship with their own siblings. I know I do.

There are times where I know my older brother has my back and I love him for protecting me from the dangers in this world, and other times, I just want to smack him for annoying me.

It’s just a sibling thing to love and hate your siblings at the same time.

But there are often times where fights get too serious and one may get hurt, just like how this boy in China who slapped his two-year-old brother in the face and caused him to almost get run over by an oncoming car.

Boy Almost Gets Run Over

According to a Weibo post, the local police reportedly said that this incident happened in Tongren city, Guizhou on 6 October.

CCTV footage was released and according to the footage which you can view here, the boy and his younger brother can be seen walking dangerously along the roadside. The boy seems to stop while waiting for his younger brother and suddenly slaps him across the face.

Image: Screengrab From Video From Asia One
Image: Screengrab From Video From Asia One
Image: Screengrab From Video From Asia One

This caused his younger brother to lose his balance and fall down into the path of a red car that was driving past. Even though the driver braked almost immediately, it seems that the younger brother was already trapped underneath the car. The boy tried to pull his brother out, but couldn’t.

Image: Screengrab From Video From Asia One

Police officers who were on duty nearby spotted the incident and quickly ran over to help. More passers-by also came over and together, they lifted the car and within one minute, the trapped boy was pulled out.

Image: Screengrab From Video From Asia One


The police officers later mentioned that the boy was sent to the hospital for a check-up and was found to only have a few abrasions on his forehead.

Thank goodness it wasn’t anything more serious than that. Hopefully, the boy learns his lesson and not be physical with his brother anymore because his reckless actions could have cost his brother’s life.

Even though it is normal to have arguments with your siblings, we should never turn to violence. Parents should also be there to guide their children and make sure that there is no bullying within the family because it can be detrimental to one’s development.