China Police Allows Suspect to Finish Watching Avengers: Endgame Before Arresting Him

Picture this: you’re halfway through Avengers: Endgame, the much-anticipated conclusion to Marvel’s 11-year narrative ‘The Infinity Saga’

Image: Forbes

When you hear the doors of the cinemas being forced open and loud, coarse voices going:

“Stop, don’t move!”

Panicking, you raise your hands up, only to hear those same coarse voices repeating instructions and to see the lights turn on in the cinema (in the process blinding everyone in the theatre).

“We plead for your cooperation as we search for a suspect here,” a man garbed in black authoritatively said. “Please stay still; this will only take a while.”

Thereafter, they proceed on their search, while you and the rest of the moviegoers in the cinema wait. Non too patiently.

“HEY, WE HAVE A MOVIE TO CATCH, HURRY THE HELL UP,” one lost his cool and burst.

“We waited for this movie for a year and now we got to wait for you guys?”




Everyone turned to look at the last guy, who slowly retreated back into the inches of his seat.

“That’s him!” the intruders yelled. “Get him!”

What ensued after was pure chaos, as the supposed suspect used chairs, humans and popcorn alike to shield himself from danger.


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Seconds passed; humans flew. It wasn’t long before the suspect was caught, but by then the hype around the movie has effectively died.

“I didn’t pay an exorbitant price for this,” you sadly exclaim.

“Is this what they meant by ‘whatever it takes’?”

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China Police Allows Suspect to Finish Watching Avengers: Endgame Before Arresting Him

If you went through the entire introductory paragraph with an increasingly morbid feeling in your gut, rejoice;

For the former didn’t happen.


But what’s extraordinary is the fact that it damn well nearly happened. Indeed, had the police in question pursued a different route…

The introductory paragraph wouldn’t have merely been a wall of text.

According to Zhejiang Television’s Channel 6, police in Eastern China reportedly staked out until a Marvel fan finished watching the three-hour Avengers: Endgame movie last Wednesday (24 April 2019…which is the opening day!), before capturing him as a suspect in a romance scam.

Image: Weibo

Apparently, the man, who’s only known by his surname Liu, had been viewing the blockbuster with a female companion in a theatre in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, when police arrived at the scene once they were tipped off about his whereabouts.

To avoid causing disruption for the other moviegoers, however, the police chose to wait outside the cinema, and only nabbed Liu as he left.


Considerate Policemen

According to AsiaOne, there were nearly 100 moviegoers in the cinema house in Hangzhou, and officers reportedly didn’t wish to ruin their experience.

Liu, who was apprehended by police at around 3:00 a.m., has reportedly been scamming women out of hundreds of thousands of yuan. In one case, one of the women allegedly lent Liu over 300,000 yuan (S$60,570) on multiple occasions, after he requested her for money to commence a business.

After realising that Liu had another girlfriend, however, she soon got suspicious and called the police earlier this year.

Well, if you like to know more about love scams, you can watch this video we’ve done in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force here:


Kudos, Hangzhou police

Admittedly, movies might pale in comparison to much more important matters at stake, like the nabbing of a scam suspect in this case.

Yet nevertheless, the Hangzhou police still chose to take the hard way out, making sure that other moviegoers were not disturbed in their movie-going experience.

And really, in that sense, I’ve nothing but praise for the Hangzhou Police. By opting for the hard way out in this case, they’ve salvaged an entire theatre’s experience…

And in the process earned everyone’s respect.

Truly, kudos, Hangzhou police!

Image: Imgflip

Or maybe…the policemen didn’t enter the hall because they’re afraid of spoilers?



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