China Remaking S’pore Iconic Channel 8 Drama ‘Little Nyonya’


Little Nyonya (小娘惹) was a breath of fresh air in the local showbiz. After years of disappointment and waning interest in local dramas, Little Nyonya managed to revive the love we had for Singapore shows back in the 90s.

Before it ended and everything went back to normal, that is.

In fact, the 2008 drama raked the highest viewership since 1994 and went on to be broadcast all around the world.

Which explains why China is looking to remake the drama series.

China has a track record of remaking shows there were successful in other countries.

Shows like The Voice of China


Or Running Man


And you got to admit that the original versions of these shows have garnered a crazy following when they were first released.

In other words, Little Nyonya, a channel 8 drama is on the same level as Running Man and The Voice.


But That’s Not The Coolest Part

This time, China isn’t going to just take the idea and produce it themselves.

The directors of the show, Chia Men Yiang and Wong Kuang Yong, and a writer, Ang Eng Tee, are Singaporeans.

In fact, Chia and Ang worked on the original Little Nyonya back in 2008.

Plus, The Cast Will Be A Mix of China, Taiwan and Singapore Actors and Actresses


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See anyone familiar in the photo above? Unfortunately, there isn’t any Jeanette Aw in the cast.

But there are some familiar faces you might recognise.

Yes, Xiang Yun will be playing Matriarch Chen.

In the original show, she played Huang Tian Lan, a maid turned concubine after she was raped by the master of the house.

Jeffrey Xu will be playing Huang Tianbao.

And you’ll also see a familiar face in the remake.

Dai Xiangyu will be reprising the role he played in the original show, Yamamoto Yousuke, a Japanese soldier who admires the Peranakan culture and married Juxiang to protect her.

Filming Has Already Started 

So, time for the juicy details.

When can we see the remake and compare it to the original show?

According to a report, filming for the remake has already started and is slated to continue until the end of Jan 2019.

The show will air via iQiyi (爱奇艺), a video website service provider in China, in 2019.

This remake is a joint production between Changxin Pictures (长信影视), G.H.Y Culture & Media (Singapore) (建信文化传媒), and iQiyi (爱奇艺).

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