China’s Clone Of Pokémon GO Is So Hilarious, You Will Download The Game Just To Laugh At It


You will never look at Pikachu or Snorlax the same way again.

Pokemon GO might not be available in China, but this certainly did not stop netizens from getting their share of the game.

Other than invading the Pokemon GO servers in Japan, the developers in China have also successfully created their own version of Pokemon GO –  Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go.


Here, Pikachu looks like a bunny and Snorlax looks like he’s high on drugs.

Launched in late July, the app was released to help Pokemon GO players with their throws – or that’s what the app claims to do. Since the developers can’t rip off the exact interface of Pokemon GO, we presume that’s the closest they can get to the real deal.

Check out the other deranged Pokemon in the game too.


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My god, I can’t even.

However, this knockoff has since updated its game play and changed some of the Pokemon to animals and also altered the colour of their Pokeballs. We assume that it might have been due to copyright issues with Niantic.


In the recent update, netizens can now catch their National Treasure in the game – patrotism at its best.

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