Chinese Couple Caught Stealing Toilet Seat From Hotel, the Internet Reacted and Woman almost Lost her Job

Weird and ridiculous stories of Chinese travellers getting into trouble overseas is no stranger to us but this probably takes the cake. A chocolate cake, to be exact.

Do you know about the Chinese couple who took a toilet seat from a Japanese hotel?

On 18 October 2016, a husband-and-wife couple found a porcelain toilet seat under their hotel room’s bed. They (incorrectly) assumed that no one would miss it and took it with them when they left the hotel.

Unfortunately, they have unestimated the efficiency of Japanese and it was reported lost.

Demanded the return of the toilet seat

When the hotel got into contact with the tour guide and asked for it to be returned, the couple denied all allegations.


Unfortunately (for them, that is) the toilet seat was found in their luggage.


They apologised for the incident and claimed that they have mistakenly thought the seat to be left behind by the previous occupant.

The incident went viral

This incident went viral on the Chinese internet. Netizens were condemning the actions of the couple, claiming that they’re the ones that give Chinese travellers a bad name.

The internet also took on the role of online investigator again and attempted to expose the identity of the aforementioned couple.

Things got so bad that the woman, working as a manager at a bank in Taizhou, Zhejiang offered to resign from her job to “save her company from embarrassment”.

Chinese internet taking things too far

Of course, there are also netizens who are more sympathetic to their plight. A netizen commented that asking her to quit her job for stealing a toilet seat is too extreme.

The Japanese hotel chain in question is aligned with the sympathetic side of the Chinese internet.

It released a statement through the South China Morning Post (SCMP) that it “still welcomes” Chinese tourists, though it is considering putting up some notices to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Well, one thing’s for sure: this couple really returned home empty-handed this time.

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