Chinese Man Accidentally Sets 3 Cars On Fire While Killing Cockroaches With Fire & Insecticide


Last Updated on 2020-02-12 , 8:18 pm

Cockroaches. Where do I start?

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Essentially the greatest threat mankind has ever known, these critters are more than capable of making the manliest of women squeal, and the most feminine of men yell in utmost disgust.

Indeed, even the legendary Genghis Khan, who won countless wars and porked like 50% of the world’s female population, once said this:

“I fear nothing. Nothing. I could face a man with two daggers. I could face a woman with excessive hair. But cockroaches; they’re differentThey’re monstrous.”

And honestly, one can’t disagree with the dude. Sure, perhaps the toughest men could stomach a still cockroach, but when those f*ckers go on one of their flying routes…

You know shit just hit the fan.

Didn’t implement an actual gif of a cockroach flying, because that would be too cruel to you lovely folks. Image: Giphy

A Man’s Desperation

And that brings us to the consensus. How far would you go to kill those damn monsters? Because for this Chinese man over here…

It means total carnage, even if it takes the utter destruction of three entire cars to do so.

According to The Beijing News, a man living in the Fujian city of Quanzhou in China had spotted a roach by his kitchen door, on the night of 26 October 2019.

Understandably upset, the man then endeavoured to kill the critter, by way of flames from a lighter and some… insecticide.

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Which probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight, considering how insecticides are highly… flammable. 

But then again, the man might’ve been going for a flamethrower effect.

Though in all honesty, it might’ve been a tad bit more intense than he would’ve liked.

Chinese Man Accidentally Sets 3 Cars On Fire While Killing Cockroaches With Fire & Insecticide

Suffice it to say; the mixture swiftly caused a fire to break out.

And while that might’ve been bad enough, the situation soon worsened when the fire rose up to where a metal pail containing alcohol-based fuel was located.

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Thereafter, the pail exploded with a flashy bang, causing its contents to churn out and subsequently set the cars, which were parked on the roadside, on fire.

Image: Youtube (Jin Ri Xiao Xin Wen)

In total, three cars were engulfed by the fire.

And the results were definitely not pretty.

Image: Youtube (Jin Ri Xiao Xin Wen)
Image: Youtube (Jin Ri Xiao Xin Wen)
Image: Youtube (Jin Ri Xiao Xin Wen)

Incidentally, you can view the entire fiasco down below.

Note: It gets pretty flashy.



According to reports, the losses reportedly cost RMB311,400 (~S$60,600). And to make things worse, the man was injured in the incident as well.


And to think that it all happened because of a roach sighting. Hardly worth it.

Heck, we don’t even know whether the cockroach actually died. 

But let’s hope for the best, because the last thing we want is for the man to witness another roach in the house.