This Chio Air Stewardess Ate 8 Bowls of Lor Mee in 17 Mins #LikeABoss



ver come across a big eater with a monstrous appetite and yet has a slim figure?

Now, this person that you are going to read about is really on a whole new level. She’s everything that was mentioned plus one more: she’s a pretty air stewardess.

Competitive Eater, Flight Attendant


28-year-old competitive eater Sarah Ow, who is also a flight attendant, recently finished eight bowls of Lor Mee in just 17 minutes. Now, that’s a crazy speed, I must say.

Ms Ow gained much fame earlier this year for downing a 3.2 kg burger with fries, completing The Beast Burger Challenge in just 43 minutes, and became one of the only two Singaporeans who managed to complete the challenge within the one-hour time limit.

Slim Figure Despite Big Appetite


Despite her big appetite and mad eating speed, she remains in good shape while standing at 1.68 metres tall and weighing only 50 kilogrammes.

As the highest-ranking female competitive eater on The Food League’s list of about 10 competitive eaters, she often gets questions asking how she maintains her slim figure. Ms Ow credits her trim physique to her high metabolic rate and the hectic nature of her job. As a flight attendant, she works long shifts with irregular hours.

There were a few occasions where she even had to report to the airport at 1 a.m. in the morning. She jokes that she hates exercising, and only gets to “exercise” at work – when she walks from one country to another.

“Fat Shamed” During Her Childhood


Growing up, Ms Ow felt insecure about her weight due to being “fat shamed”, and was even given the nickname of “fishball” – people told her that she was fat because she ate a lot.

Aware of the stigma against big eaters, Ms Ow now sees competitive eating as a hobby.

Now, here’s probably another reason why you should consider working as a flight attendant, right?


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