Chow Yun Fat, Who Has a Net Worth of About SGD$1 Billion, Reportedly Spends Only $4.50 Daily


Last Updated on 2022-08-28 , 5:48 pm

Did you just buy yourself a new iPhone, because everyone’s carrying one? And because of that, do you have to survive on Maggi Mee for the next few weeks?

Well, the phone would have cost Chow Yun Fat’s 14 months of expenses.

Yeah, the international superstar spends merely SGD$140 a month even when he earn millions of dollars a year.

Guess that’s the difference between the rich and the poor, eh?

(You’re the rich fellow; Ah Fat is the poor fellow)

Reports of Chow Yun Fat’s Frugal Lifestyle Went Viral

When you see the headline “Chow Yun Fat spends 95% less than any staff in Goody Feed”, you know it’s going to attract attention.


After all, we all love a good story like this.

According to reports, his wife had recently spilt the beans about his superstar husband’s lifestyle, and it’s nothing short of amazing-ness.

The 63-year-old Hong Kong actor, who has starred in numerous Hollywood films as well, allegedly leads the life of an everyday man, regularly having street food and using a phone that her wife gave to him.

What’s even more shocking is that he has been using that same old Nokia phone for 17 years – and only changed to a smartphone after it stopped working.

Pretty sure you and I can’t even survive with the same phone for 17 months. What’s more a Nokia.

Of course, if you’re read our previous article, you’ll know he takes the public transport for his daily commute.

We can’t help but to wonder how can anyone survive with just SGD$4.50 a day, but even if he exceeds his daily budget by 200%, it’s still less than what we spend daily.

Really. My colleague just bought a cup of bubble tea and she intends to have McDonald’s later. That would have exceeded Chow Yun Fat’s daily budget easily.

Chow Yun Fat Tends to Donate his Wealth to Charity

With so much money saved after making more than 121 films and 24 television series, what does Chow Yun Fat intend to do with them? Invest in Goody Feed? Nah, that would be a disaster.

He’s smarter than that: he has a plan to give his entire net worth to charity.

Lest you’re not aware, as of 2018, he’s worth USD$718 million – that’s about SGD$988 million. Which, if you round it off, it’s just SGD$1 billion.

I’ll do the maths for you: with that amount, he can live for 600K years without having to earn any extra money #mathsisfun

Chow Yun Fat’s Wife is a Singaporean

In case you’re not aware, Ah Fat’s wife is a Singaporean. The God of Gamblers, true to his style, did not have an elaborate (read: costly) proposal: he just asked, “Why don’t we get married?”

Pretty sure if he were a Singaporean back then and BTO were a thing then, he would have said, “BTO, ai mai?”


The couple has been married for more than thirty years, and they’re often seen as a celebrity couple that defines #CoupleGoals

I’m not sure about you, but this feel-good article has made me feel bad. Less than half a day has gone by, and I’ve spent over $20.

Ah Fat, you da man.

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