Chris Hemsworth In S’pore For Formula One Race; Patiently Takes Dozens Of Pictures With Fans

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It’s getting cloudy in Singapore…

No, no, I’m not talking about the haze. Although that’s a thing.

I’m talking about thunder and lightning… Or more specifically a certain Asgardian god of thunder in Singapore.

Image: Giphy

But of course, real life’s a bit less dramatic than the movies.

And Thor, I mean, Chris Hemsworth, is here in Singapore for a Tag Heuer event on 18 September (he is a brand ambassador) and then the Formula One races.

Here’s a YouTube mirror of his Instagram story, saying he is in Singapore for the Formula One event with a hazy background:

So fans were like:

Image: Giphy

When’s the next time you get to meet the god of thunder in person? Going down to Earth with mere mortals to watch a primitive event of pieces of steel racing to see which one is faster?

As you can expect, he got spotted and stopped by fans, especially since he gave the announcement himself.

Here’s Him Hilariously Getting Stopped For Selfies Constantly

While you’d expect a god of lightning to be moving pretty fast, it would appear that his biggest weakness is… human fans.

This video happened near the Infinity Pool walkway at Marina Bay Sands, all shot by his trainer Luke Zocchi and shows Chris Hemsworth constantly getting stopped for selfies or pictures.


And he stopped to take the pictures with every single one of them.

Image: Giphy

(It’s probably not like the scene in the movie, but hey.)

Later, he appeared on an Instagram post with Belgian-Dutch racer, Max Verstappen, on Red Bull Racing, where they talked about having just completed a pit stop challenge.

Who won is up to speculation, but according to the video, Thor said he won, to which Verstappen countered by saying Thor won for the camera, and Verstappen won for the fans.


So it’s up to your interpretation whether you trust the word of a god of lightning, or the words of a mere mortal.

About The Formula One Race

The Formula One race’s schedule runs from 20 Sep to 22 Sep 2019, when the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix will take place over 61 laps of the 5.063-kilometre Marina Bay Street Circuit.

In case you’re wondering, the Formula One race will still continue despite the haze.

Chris Hemsworth himself was an actor in Rush, a biographical sports movie in 2013 about the rivalry between Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda.


And with that…

I guess that’s another movie or event to add to the watch list.

Image: Giphy

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