Chris Hemsworth’s Story About Sneaking His Daughter Onto Disneyland Ride Shows Why We Should Always Follow Rules

If your child is too short to enter a ride at an amusement park, would you still let him or her ride it?

Well for Chris Hemsworth, not only did he let his daughter take the ride but he even helped her to fake her height.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 9, Chris visited the show alongside his Avengers: Endgame cast members: Paul Rudd, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr.

Snicker Bars

Recently, the Avengers cast visited Disneyland for a charity event titled “Avengers: The Universe Unites”. They celebrated the donation of $5 million to benefit children’s hospitals.

This prompted Jimmy to ask the cast if they took any rides while they were there. Scarlett explains that they went on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which replaced the Tower of Terror.

Chris then goes on to recount about the last time he brought his daughter there while it was still operating as the Tower of Terror. Unfortunately, she was not tall enough to ride it.

A Sneaky Idea

But Chris, being the soft dad that he is (yes, the opposite of Thor) because his daughter was upset about it, came up with a plan to help her. He took some snicker bars and placed it in her shoe, then went back to the staff member.

And they were allowed in because she met the height limits.

When they were finally strapped in, Chris saw that the seat was massive on his tiny daughter. Chris laughed as he recalled, “We beat the system honey!”

And when the ride dropped, his daughter nearly levitated off her seat. He had to hold her down so that she wouldn’t fly off it. He then said, “I was like, maybe there’s a reason that there’s a height restriction.”

His co-stars laughed and teased him, but he assured the audience that his daughter was fine and encouraged them to not follow in his steps.

Good going, Chris.

Image: tenor

Height Restrictions are Important

Even at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), height restrictions are a thing. In fact, height restrictions are at every theme park.

Height restrictions are implemented to ensure the safety of your child (of course) and for other users.

According to a theme park insider, height restrictions were implemented to protect riders in case something goes wrong. Things like sudden braking, or having to evacuate the ride due to track errors. People under the height limit could risk their own safety.

Ride operators sometimes let people slip, but experienced ones can tell straight away if you’re under the height limit. Always keep in mind it’s not because they hate you, but it’s because they care about your safety. (And they were trained to)

So if your child or you gets turned away from rides due to being under the height limit, don’t resent them. They’re just doing their job.

Image: tenor

Instead, maybe find other attractions in the theme park you’re at to make up for missing one ride.


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