Church Removes Video After Calling Gay Pride ‘Satanic’ Because There Are 6 Colours


It’s not often that you see Satan trending on Twitter.

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It wasn’t because he posted a particularly funny tweet or anything. He became popular after being linked with a conspiracy theory that flat earthers would be proud of.

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Church Removes Video After Calling Gay Pride ‘Satanic’ Because There Are 6 Colours

City Revival Church has taken down a video on Instagram after it triggered a wave of online criticism from netizens on social media.

Local artiste Joanna Theng, 22, was slammed for linking the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride movement to Satan in the church’s video.

On 22 July, City Revival (CR) posted a 14-minute video on Instagram, which was the final instalment in a three-part series on the bible’s Book of Revelations, according to AsiaOne.

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In the video, Theng, and another woman Jaime Wong, discuss the different ways in which society is influenced by the dark one aka Satan.

Instead of citing violent criminals or the closing of bubble tea stores, Wong named the LGBT pride movement as an example of “deception by Satan” and “lies in our society today.”

They reportedly asserted that LGBT pride is sinful, and that celebrating pride is Satanic.

They also claimed that the LGBT pride flag was influenced by Satan because it has six colours and six is the number of the beast.

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“Have you even wondered why the gay pride uses a six-colour rainbow flag as a symbol for love? Satan knows that God is love,” Wong said

“The biblical rainbow has seven colours and seven is a number symbolic for perfection in the Bible… On the contrary, the mark of the beast is the number 666.”

They didn’t stop there.

“Is it a coincidence that the gay pride celebrates taking pride in distorting the true symbol of the love and peace of God with the six-colour rainbow flag?” Theng said.

“We believe this movement is one of the ways that Satan, the spiritual force, has influenced the physical realm to manifest in ways that insult and show contempt for God”.

As you can imagine, the video wasn’t well-received, to say the least.

Online Backlash

Netizens lambasted Theng on her Instagram account, accusing her of homophobia and dividing people.

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Others poked fun at her arbitrary linking of the pride flag to Satan because of its incidental connection to the number six.

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Pink Dot Singapore also released a statement in response to the video, criticising it for making “broad generalisations” that were “outdated”.

Some netizens who did a little digging found other videos focused on conversion therapy and their stance against abortion.

The controversial psychotherapy has been proven to be pseudoscientific, and been known to cause substantial psychological harm.


Apologised After Outcry

CR later took down the inflammatory video, and Theng posted an apology online.

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She also said: “I have never hated and never will hate on anyone in the LGBTQ+ community in my midst.”

Theng claims that it’s possible to love someone while disagreeing with their actions.

The 22-year-old has since privatised and deleted her social media accounts, reported MS News.

Spread Love not Hate

According to AsiaOne, when the pride flag was first designed in 1978, it had eight colours. It subsequently adopted a six-colour version due to production issues.

But that really isn’t the point here.


Sure, everyone should be free to believe what they want to believe, even if it’s a wacky conspiracy theory or unscientific hogwash.

But that doesn’t mean you should air them on social media in an attempt to influence your followers.

Why make someone else feel bad about who they are just because you disagree with it?

Society isn’t exactly lacking in the hatred department, if you haven’t noticed.

So, why make it worse?


Spread love, people, not hate.

And by the way, McDonald’s has 6-piece nuggets.

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