10 Simplest Things We Now Realised That We’ve Taken for Granted After Circuit Breaker Broke Us

How are you holding up now that we are into the sixth week of Circuit Breaker? Well, let me take a guess.

No more dressing up for video calls? Starting to give up on home workouts? Sick of your mum’s incessant nagging and siblings picking fights for no good reason?

That’s right, most of us are probably longing to get out of the house and resume life like before. Sadly, we still have to hang in there for a bit more and while we are at it, why don’t we take a step back and be thankful for what we used to have?

When life resumes, remember to never take these things for granted again.

Reader Bao (sipping bubble tea): But sometimes, when there’s a will, there’s a way

Right. But not any of these.

Going Out Without A Mask

With masks being a must in our everyday lives now, it’s easy to forget how good it feels to just step out of your door without a barrier to the outside air. We did not have to worry about forgetting masks and getting fined. We did not have to turn back the moment we step out of the house and remembering that we forgot our masks. We did not have to enjoy fresh air while trying to breathe properly.

And we could see how cute some guys actually are. Now, everyone looks like Song Joongki.

Celebrations & Basic Social Gathering

We, humans, are all social beings. We love to be around people and we definitely love to celebrate together. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day are just some to list. Yes, we still deliver food and presents to our loved ones. We still have virtual celebrations to celebrate these wonderful occasions. Yet, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore, does it? The need to connect sudden become so much more pronounced.

We probably will not be complaining that we are sick of yet another birthday party for a long while.

Visiting the Doctor

Admit it, clinics were crowded with people trying to get their MCs. Now, even if you are really sick, you will think twice about visiting a clinic. It could be the fear of getting infected by COVID-19 or being tested positive for it. I do not know about you but I have definitely been paranoid.

Next-Day Deliveries

Gone were the days of going onto Redmart with a craving for bagels with cream cheese and getting it delivered the next day or even better, the same day itself. How convenient that was!

Outdoor Sports

Forget about the gyms. Here, we are talking about not being able to do any sport other than running in our neighbourhoods. We were probably complaining about how we are too lazy to get out, how the sun was too strong for basketball and how nobody really uses the fitness corner. Well, don’t we all miss those now?

Though I bet when they’re reopened, people would be finding excuses not to use them again. Human beings are weird.

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Freedom to Travel

Singaporeans have one of the strongest passports in the world and we, its citizens, have definitely used our passports well. We would have been on that plane to Bangkok, taking photos with our oppas in Korea or waiting to see the aurora in Iceland. Don’t ever think that weekly trip to Johor is as easy as crossing the causeway again.

Nowadays, even if you have lots of commas in your bank account, you’re still stuck at home watching travel vlogs.

Working without Distractions

Working from home may sound relaxing on the surface, with us making our boss if we can do that every day. There isn’t a need to wake up earlier to squeeze onto a one-hour train ride. We don’t have to dress up to the nines. We can even work with our pets. However, that seemingly wonderful reality is not for everybody.

When the kids start crying and you have your Nintendo switch calling out for you or even when your pet demands attention in the middle of a video pitch, you are probably missing the days in office where 100% of your focus is on work and work only.

But anyways, if when the Circuit Breaker ends and you’re needed in the office, life won’t be the same anymore, too. Check out this article on the rules you’d have to follow post-Circuit Breaker.

The Physical Shopping Experience

I don’t know about you but I definitely miss going from shop to shop trying out new skirts and dresses. Yes, there’s all that online shopping convenience but no, nothing is ever going to replace the shopaholic in me. And who can forget about window shopping? Now all we can do is to stand by the window and log in to Shopee.

Eating Out

It is interesting how we have all become master chefs on Instagram and how all the TikTok recipes are going viral. Otherwise, we can get food by just tapping on our phones a few times too. Even so, I am sure we are running out of recipes and ideas too or delivery fees are getting a little heavy on our pockets. Ultimately, the convenience of gathering outside with a group of friends trying out a food blogger’s new recommendation is still what we foodies enjoy a lot.

Physical Contact

Let’s face it. We need hugs. We just miss seeing our family, friends and partners in real life, face to face. Nothing can ever replace this. Period.

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