Ultimate Guide to All the Clinics That Are Open During CNY 2023 Period


In the event that you fall sick during CNY, fret not: It’s no longer 1990 whereby most clinics are closed.

This year, a whopping 853 general practitioner (GP) clinics will be open at various times during the Chinese New Year public holidays from 21 January to 24 January 2023.

This includes 16 clinics that’ll remain open 24 hours throughout the entire festive season.

Of these clinics, 592 of them are Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) that provide COVID-19 swabs, although I don’t think anyone still remember what they are.

However, all 10 Joint Testing and Vaccination Centres (JTVCs) across the island will be closed from 22 January to 24 January, and will only open half day (9am to 1pm) on 21 January 2023.

Ultimate Guide to All the Clinics That Are Open During CNY 2023 Period

Here’s a list of clinics that have opening hours similar to 7-Eleven:


Here’s the list of clinics that are open during the festive season based on regions (in .pdf):







Do call the clinic before heading down, though.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to just buy some over-the-counter medicine, you can check out this article on the guide to the opening hours of almost all supermarkets in Singapore during CNY 2023.


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