CNA Tested Tap Water in Lab & They All Came Out to be Bacteria-Free

Image: Yuri Samsonov /

Are you a water enthusiast like me?

I love drinking water. It’s so thirst-quenching and refreshing, and it’s healthy.

But this also gave me the ability to differentiate sources of water. They all taste different to me.

Seriously, the water from my home, the water cooler at work, the bottled water from my school’s canteen all taste different to me.

But for those like me, you may also think that tap water tastes funny and somewhat “dirty”.

Despite reassurances from our government, we’re afraid that uncooked tap water contains a secret poison that brainwashes 70% of us to vote for PAP during every re-election many bacteria and germs.

But are our fears justified?

A Singaporean known as Esther Chia has invested in a water filtration system at home that costs her more than $2,000. When outside, she only buys Evian bottled water as she believes it’s from the French Alps and has “good properties”.

She makes sure that no one in the family ever drinks from the tap, claiming that “there are so many sediments in it. You don’t even know what’s inside. So it makes you wonder: What have you been drinking?”


Certain misconceptions we have of tap water may cause to be irrationally afraid of drinking from them.

For example, a dirty-looking tap in an old building will probably make you think that the pipes have contaminated the water with rust or harmful bacteria.

However, these assumptions are unfounded.

If the sinks are clogged with food or various dirt, you might feel turned off by its hygiene overall as well.

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Image: CNA

Some of you may have this at home. My grandma’s house used to.

Wrapping a cloth supposedly acts as a filter for the tap water. And after a long time, the cloth will turn brown, seemingly confirming that the tap water is dirty.

However, this has been proven to be the result of naturally occurring harmless minerals.

Regardless of this, most of us probably have some fear. We want to see some numbers and facts.

So CNA conducted a study.

They collected water samples from 15 taps – 5 from eateries and shopping centres, 5 from public toilets at hawker centres, and 5 from HDB flats.

When tested for harmful bacteria at a laboratory, the results showed zero of such presence.

For metal contaminants, they ranged from 0.02 to 0.3 parts per billion (ppb), well below the World Health Organisation’s guideline of 10 ppb.

So yeah, we were just being paranoid. It’s very safe.

But I’m still 100% sure that tap water tastes different.