CNA Posts Wrong Table That Shows a COVID-19 Death in S’pore on Live TV; Apologises Everywhere Immediately

Imagine you’ve just come home after a long day, and when you turn on the TV, you see this:


(P.S. We inserted the “wrong table” thingy lest someone merely Google the image without reading this article and think it’s real)

Can’t see what’s wrong? Well, you can see “1” in Singapore in the number of death.

Just like the misconception we have that newscaster never takes a dump, it should now be known that there’s another misconception: news on live TV can make mistake, too.

Because that’s an error.

Reader Bao: What’s this? Another doctored image?

No. It’s an honest mistake.

CNA: We’re Sorry

Immediately after that, people started to notify CNA about it, and the mainstream media took action swiftly and apologised everywhere while clarifying that there’s no death in Singapore.

Of course, they had to notify people on TV…

…and they went all out to inform everyone about that mistake, from Twitter…

…to Facebook…

…to their app…

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…and even on Telegram

Kudos to them to admitting their mistakes fast and even notifying people on other platforms about the erroneous table.

So essentially, they “POFMA-ed” themselves seh.

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But what happened? Were the people who did the table drunk?

Maybe, because instead of putting “1” under the Hong Kong column, that person added it in the Singapore column instead.


They’ve also shown the correct graphic on air twice, and “sincerely apologised for the error”.

For the latest COVID-19 updates, you might want to bookmark MOH’s website here.


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