Coach Launches Naruto Collection With Michael B. Jordan With Sneakers, Backpacks & Clothes

Recently, I was introduced to this animation called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and while watching it I remember having one explicit thought:

Damn, Boruto’s dad is cool. I wonder; how would it be like if he was the main character?

Alas, I didn’t see any possibility of the above notion becoming reality. What are the chances of it happening, really? 

As such, I could only watch on, as Boruto’s dad faded into the horizons. Sayonara, Boruto’s dad.

“Chottomateiii,” an exquisite, high-end voice intoned.

In steps luxury brand Coach, and for some reason, American actor Michael B. Jordan (not the shoes basketball player).

“You wanna see a world with Naruto as protagonist?” the Creed actor asked gamely.

I nodded.

“None of that Boruto shit?” Coach winked.

I nodded.

“Well,” they echoed in unison.

“Welcome to a world… our Naruto collection.”

Coach Launches Naruto Collection With Michael B. Jordan With Sneakers, Backpacks & Clothes

The introductory paragraph might’ve been borne out of a weeb’s wildest dreams (and inventive imagination)…

But the gist is true.

On 1 October, luxury brand Coach revealed their Naruto collection designed by American actor Michael B. Jordan, and really…

What better way to tease their kick-ass collection, than an equally kick-ass trailer with the Creed actor sporting some wicked Sharingan eyes?

Note: Fitting too, considering how Naruto’s reportedly Michael B. Jordan’s favourite anime series growing up.

Here, you can check out the trailer for yourself down below:

Note: Sharingan eyes @ 0:10. Makes you wonder how Killmonger really got his initial win in Black Panther, doesn’t it?

Coach x Naruto, Designed By Killmonger

According to reports, the collection will cover everything from sneakers to backpacks and coats.

A T-shirt starts from US$95 (S$131.39), while a shearling aviator jacket can fetch up to $2,500 (S$3457.72).


Damn, that denim’s looking dope. But here’s the thing;

It’s not the only dope artefact to have spawned from Coach’s latest venture.

And so without further ado, let’s check it out:

Image: Coach
Image: Coach
Image: Coach

But of course, a collection wouldn’t be complete without some model pieces.


So here goes:

Image: Coach

For the full collection, you can click here.

And So… What’re You Waiting For?

If you fancy high luxury apparel, and are a sucker for all things Naruto-related, there’s really only one option:

Hit up those stocks, and hit them up fast.


Because according to reports, items are flying off the shelves…

And this US$295 (~S$408.01) belt bag is already sold out.

Image: Coach

So here’s a tip. If you want to get something on the list really badly…

You’re advised to do it fast.

Fastest fingers, everybody.

You’ve been warned.


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