Coca-Cola Now Has a Flavour That’s Co-Created with AI; Aptly Called Y3000

Coca-Cola Unveils Y3000: A New AI-Inspired Flavor with Futuristic Appeal

In an era where AI is increasingly shaping creative technologies, public opinion is divided on its benefits and drawbacks.

Amidst this debate, companies are harnessing AI for diverse applications, from metaverse experiences and AI chatbots in banking to AI profiles (which were sometimes unfortunately used in online scams).

But who’d ever thought AI can be integrated with the creation of our all-time favourite soda?

Yes, Coca-Cola decided to make use of this controversial technology and combine with its classic recipe, to make the limited-edition Y3000 flavour.


What’s so AI about this flavour?

Y3000 is the first flavor co-created using both human and AI input, symbolising an optimistic future fostered by connections.

The packaging reflects this futuristic vision with bubbly light pink and blue tones, reminiscent of cotton candy.


Interestingly, those who have tasted the limited edition coke gave feedback that while Y3000 initially tastes similar to classic Coke, but it leaves an aftertaste akin to cotton candy or Haribo gummies.

Tee Jae Sonza, Coca-Cola’s Trademark Category Head for the ASEAN and South Pacific Operating Unit, explains that AI was used to explore potential flavors, leading to a blend embodying brightness, optimism, and sweetness.

The packaging features effervescent bubbles in the Coca-Cola Creations logo and fluid dot clusters in the Spencerian Script, symbolising future human connections.

Drink Y3000, Experience the Year 3000

By scanning QR codes on the packaging, consumers can delve into a futuristic AI-powered experience and envision their own Year 3000 scenarios, thanks to Stable Fusion’s generative AI technology.

Image: Timeout
Image: Timeout

Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, co-created by humans and AI, boasts a silver base with violet, magenta, and cyan highlights, representing liquid in a morphing state.

Oana Vlad, senior director of Global Strategy at Coca-Cola, notes that the project draws on the brand’s timeless appeal since 1892. The goal is to reimagine what a future Coke might taste like, keeping the brand relevant and forward-thinking.

Watch the whole Y3000 AI experience here:

Meanwhile, Generative AI is poised to play a larger role at Coca-Cola.

The company, an early partner in using OpenAI’s generative AI for marketing, showcased this direction at its “Real Magic Creative Academy” event in Atlanta this August.

Extending beyond the Y3000 flavor, Coca-Cola has collaborated with the fashion brand AMBUSH, led by designer Yoon Ahn, on the Y3000 capsule collection.


The COCA-COLA Y3000 X AMBUSH collection includes a graphic tee with “Taste The Future” and a necklace featuring a Coca-Cola can pull tab.

This limited edition Coca-Cola is available in select global markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

So why not experience a taste of the future and travel imaginatively to the Year 3000 with Coca-Cola Y3000?

In the meantime, you can watch this video to know why people are afraid of AI: