HSA Issues Alert About Coffee Sold in Bedok North Eatery That Promises to treat Erectile Dysfunction

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to come across reports and news articles of certain food products being discovered to be harmful to health.

At this point, we might as well start to question if anything is safe to eat at all.

After all, you’ll never know what is being put into your food and whether or not it could potentially kill you.

Unless you bother to read the fine print that can be found at the back of most food items. But let’s face it, not all of us do.

Well, luckily, we have the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to help us out with that.

HSA Discovers 3 Harmful Sexual Enhancement Products

The HSA issued an alert against three products containing “potent medicinal ingredients” used to treat erectile dysfunction on Tuesday, 24 Mar.

All three products – Kopi Panggung Al-Ambiak natural herbs coffee, Kopi Jantan Ali Macca and Berry Jaga chewable candy – claim to improve sexual ability.

The products were tested and were discovered to contain high levels of potent medicinal ingredients used for treating erectile dysfunction.

So in case you were considering buying any of these to improve your performance, please don’t. The side effects of using them include causing life-threatening low blood pressure.

Both Harmful Coffee Products Sold At Bedok North Eatery

Both of the coffee products, Kopi Jantan Ali Macca and Kopi Panggung AL-Ambiak Natural Herbs Coffee, were sold at a coffee shop along Bedok North Street 3, known as Shaik Abdul Kader Al-Jailani Makan Place.

HSA came to know about this upon receiving feedback from a member of the public.

Image: Health Sciences Authority

Kopi Panggung AL-Ambiak Natural Herbs Coffee was also sold on e-commerce platforms as a “performance-enhancing coffee”.

Further tests on these two products revealed that Kopi Jantan Ali Macca contained sildenafil, while Kopi Panggung Al-Ambiak natural herbs coffee contained desmethyl carbodenafil.

Both can seriously harm people’s health, according to HSA. They can cause an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, low blood pressure and priapism if used inappropriately.

Harmful Chewable Candy Sold Online

The third product, Berry Jaga Chewable Candy, was marketed for sexual enhancement and could be found on both Berry Jaga Marketing’s website as well as e-commerce platforms.

Image: Health Sciences Authority

It was tested by the HSA and they discovered that it contained tadalafil, which is normally prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

According to HSA, the websites marketing the candy included cautionary advice that it is not recommended for consumers with medical conditions such as low blood pressure and heart issues, and those taking medications such as nitrates.

They had these warnings up even though the candy was labelled to only contain fruit juice powders.

Image: Giphy

Seems rather fishy, doesn’t it?

“This is usually a tell-tale sign that the product may contain potent medicinal ingredients,” said HSA.

HSA Working On Stopping The Sales Of These Products

Moving forward, the agency has already directed Shaik Abdul Kader Al-Jailani Makan Place and Berry Jaga Marketing to stop selling these products.

It is also currently working with online platforms to remove the online listings of these items.

Image: Lazada

“All sellers and suppliers must stop selling these products immediately,” said HSA. “It is illegal to sell and supply such products which contain potent medicinal ingredients.”

In case you’re reading this article a little too late and you have already consumed any of these products, you are advised to see a doctor immediately if you feel unwell.

And of course, to stop taking the products.

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