Coldplay Added 2 More Days to Their Singapore Concert After Record-Breaking Sales

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Coldplay before.

And how they’re coming to Singapore in January next year, which has left fanboys and fangirls extremely excited (and frantic to get tickets).

Just yesterday (19 June), the presale for the British rock band’s four concerts at the National Stadium on 23, 24, 27 and 28 January saw tickets get snapped up faster than my running speed when I hear the ice cream uncle ring his bell.

Many fans were also left disappointed and angry after being unable to secure tickets for any of the four concerts, especially since Ticketmaster crashed and removed many people from the online queue.

I mean, over a million people were in the virtual line on ticketing website Ticketmaster when the presale opened, so it was pretty clear that not everyone was going to walk away with tickets.

In the end, over 200,000 tickets from the four shows were sold during the presale period yesterday (19 June).

Live Nation, the concert’s organiser, also shared that Coldplay broke the record for selling the most tickets for an act within a day in Singapore.

So basically, the “presale” kinda became the actual general sale.

Added a Fifth Show Yesterday After Tickets for First Four Shows Were Completely Sold Out

However, those unable to get tickets during the presale period were offered another glimmer of hope when Live Nation announced the addition of a fifth show to the band’s Music Of The Spheres concert in Singapore.

The announcement, which was issued at around 4 pm yesterday (19 June) through Live Nation’s social media accounts, revealed that the fifth show would be held on 30 January.

Live Nation also announced that the tickets for the band’s fifth show in Singapore would be on sale from today (20 June) from 10 am onwards.

Sixth Show Was Added Today

And because people in Singapore snatched up tickets like hungry piranhas gobbling down their prey when the tickets for the fifth show were released, Live Nation put out yet another announcement on social media just 18 minutes after ticket sales for the fifth show started.

The post informed netizens that there was an “overwhelming demand” for Coldplay tickets and that tickets were selling like hotcakes.

As a result, Live Nation added a sixth date for the show.

Yup, they’re having (almost) the same number of shows as Jacky Cheung. That’s the reference you can give your parents if they ask who on earth Coldplay is.

Live Nation added that the sixth show would be played on 31 January 2024 at the National Stadium.

Apart from that, Live Nation also highlighted that the show on 31 January would be the very last additional date for Coldplay’s concert.

Many Lined Up to Buy Tickets at SingPost After Being Unable to Secure Them Online

And because some netizens realised that Ticketmaster simply wasn’t trustworthy enough, snaking queues started to form in the early hours of today (20 June) at SingPost offices.

Yes, you can buy concert tickets at SingPost. No, these people weren’t there to deliver fan mail and ask Coldplay to open another ten shows in Singapore.

Singaporeans who tried to get their hands on physical tickets formed long lines at places like Sengkang Community Centre, as well as SingPost at various locations like Ghim Moh, Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh from as early as 3 am.

Well, I guess you can say that Singaporeans’ favourite pastime, AKA queuing, is still the most foolproof way to make sure you can get what you want.

Some people in line who spoke to The Straits Times explained that they were unable to secure tickets online during the presale due to technical issues on the Ticketmaster website.

They also showed The Straits Times that they were issued forms to fill in and indicate the number of tickets they would be buying.

The form also included a segment where buyers could rank their top three preferred seat categories.

Several members of the public interviewed by The Straits Times also revealed that they had taken leave off work to queue up and purchase tickets in person to ensure that they would get to buy them.

Tickets for All Six Shows Now Sold Out

Unfortunately, for those who’re wondering if they’d still stand a chance at getting tickets if they join the queue now, Ticketmaster has indicated on its website that tickets for all six Coldplay shows in Singapore have been sold out.

Image: Ticketmaster

Live Nation also updated netizens at 12.30 pm on social media to inform them that all tickets from all six of Coldplay’s shows have been sold out.

Coldplay’s six shows at the National Stadium next January will also make them the first act to perform at the National Stadium for six nights.