You Can Collect 2 More Free Reusable Masks; Sale of Masks at $8 Per Piece Available As Well

Nobody expected the COVID-19 outbreak to happen, and we didn’t expect it to disrupt our lives so much either.

Unfortunately, it happened, and the new norm now is to wear a mask whenever we go out of the house.

We flocked to various stores to get surgical masks, only to find out that so many stores were out of stock. So our government decided that they would give out free masks to every household so that we can all better protect ourselves.

Now, they are back with another round of free masks, and this time, you’re entitled to not one, but two reusable antimicrobial masks.

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Collection of Masks

This distribution was made possible thanks to Temasek Foundation, and you’ll be able to start collecting your masks from Monday, 29 June, 10am onwards. The last day of collection will be 12 July at 11.59pm.

So where do I go to collect the masks?

Well, you can collect them from any of the 1,200 Temasek Foundation vending machines placed at bus interchanges, community centres or residents’ committee centres!

You can locate your nearest vending machine through the DBS PayLah app.

Image: DBS PayLah
Image: DBS PayLah
Image: DBS PayLah
Image: DBS PayLah

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And what will the process of collection be like?

Simply head up to the vending machine and scan the barcode of your NRIC or any government-issued identification. A mask kit will be dispensed afterwards and inside, you’ll find a pair of the antimicrobial masks.

Do note that one identity card is only allowed one mask kit with two masks inside.

Can I collect it on behalf of my family members?

Yes, you can. You just have to bring along their identifications and you’re done.

What’s the difference between this mask and the previous one? And how long can I use it for?

These masks are equipped with an outer antimicrobial layer and have been tested against many different kinds of bacteria and viruses. It has a 94% effectiveness against the Influenza A virus too.

And yes, they’ve heard you! One mask is simply not enough especially with the weather nowadays where the masks may not dry in time for you to wear it out again the next day. So with a pair of masks, you can “wash one, wear one” and you won’t have to worry that much!

As for how long you can use it for, they can be washed and reused up to 30 times. This means that a pair of masks will last you approximately two months.

Can I Buy More Masks?

If you require more masks, don’t worry. Simply head to the StayMasked website or DBS PayLah and you’ll be able to make a pre-order of a maximum of five additional pairs of masks (that’s 10 masks).

Image: DBS PayLah
Image: DBS PayLah
Image: DBS PayLah

It will be priced at $8 per mask kit and you can start pre-ordering from 11am on Thursday onwards. This pre-order will end on 11 July at 11.59pm.

So how do I get my pre-ordered masks?

After you make a payment using either DBS Paylah, PayNow, or your credit card, a QR code will be generated and sent to the mobile phone that you have indicated for the order.

You can then head to any of the vending machines and scan the QR code.


What if the vending machine suddenly runs out of stock?

If this happens, the remaining number of mask kits can be collected at another vending machine.

Can I just buy the masks at the vending machines?

Unfortunately, this is not available.

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