This Combination of Pork Ribs and Cheese is Way Better Than the Chizza – Promise!

You’ve felt the hype for the Chizza, then you’ve (probably) felt the disappointment afterwards. The pictures all look so good, then the actual product turned out… not so good.

It lacked presentation.

Now, riding on the wave of the Korean food craze, comes a dish that’s big on presentation and big on taste as well. It’s got a lot of cheese, and it’s definitely going to wow you more than the Chizza.

Meet the Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs, from Patbingsoo Korean Dining House.


Yeah, you guessed right. The pork ribs are basically surrounded by cheese. Thick, gooey, melted mozzarella and cheddar. It’s making us a little hot around the collar just from seeing the picture.

You’re supposed to roll each individual rib in the cheese to cover the entire thing in the stringy goodness. You don’t need to tell us twice.

Unfortunately, good things don’t come cheap, as the Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs will set you back by $38.90.

It’s also going to be a bigger problem if you decide to go for anything else on top of the ribs, like their namesake bingsus. Particularly noteworthy is the Sinsa Patbingsoo, a sweet icy dessert served in half a rock melon.

Hidden within the rock melon are the rest of the ingredients, red bean, cornflakes, nata de coco and vanilla ice cream.


Look at that! Tell me there’s no presentation here. That’s right, you can’t.

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura B2-47
Singapore 238839
Tel: 9181 3038

Opens 11.30am daily.

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