Don’t Say Bojio: IT Show Comex 2020 Moving Online To Facebook Live Shows With Many Exciting Deals

September used to be a heart-thumping month for Singaporeans before Covid-19 happened.

While F1 got the rest of us momentarily deaf when the expensive (and noisy) cars buzzed across the roads, car racing fans couldn’t wait to see their favourite racers hit the grid.

For tech geeks, their hearts beat wildly while combing through the best deals at the Comex Fair.

Fast forward to 2020, and F1 is now cancelled.

Thankfully, Comex Fair is being spared.

The annual pilgrimage for all tech fans out there will be shifted from Suntec City to online this year.

Image: Facebook (Comex and IT Show)

Great Deals Galore on Facebook Live shows

Happening from 3rd to 13th September 2020, the Comex Tech Deals Marathon continues to offer tons of lobangs for you to break your piggy bank for.

There are daily Facebook Live shows happening daily from 8 – 10pm where exhibitors such as Courts, Samsung, Sennheiser etc will take turns on Facebook Live to showcase their best deals in town.

Image; Comex IT Show

You can check out the Facebook Live schedule here.

Here are some interesting ones to catch:

From headphones for people who are working from home and have tons of Zoom calls:

Image: Facebook (Comex and IT Show)

To the highly coveted Dyson Cyclone V10 Cord-Free Vacuum:

Image: Comex IT Show

And the Sonos soundbar for those who have been yearning to recreate the Dolby Surround Sound cinematic experience in your own home:

Image: Comex IT Show

All the special prices will be revealed during the exhibitor’s Facebook Live show.

If you’re interested to find out other noteworthy deals, you can check them out here.

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Online contest with attractive prizes

The Comex Tech Deals Marathon is also running an online contest with attractive prizes up for grabs.

They are:

  • Armaggeddon T1 Semi-auto Table
  • Creative Outlier Gold
  • Curve Kaze Fitness Wristband
Image: Facebook (Comex and IT Show)

Since you could be constantly working from home now, a table that can adjust the height to standing or sitting just sounds…divine.

Been wanting to get your hands on one of these?

Here’s how to participate:

Step 1: Enter your name and email address via Comex and IT Show’s contest page

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Step 2: Like Comex and ITShow’s Facebook and Instagram pages

Step 3: Leave a comment on Comex and IT Show’s Facebook post, stating your favourite Facebook Live show


Step 4: Like and share the post by tagging 3 of your friends and #COMEX2020

The closing date for the contest is 30 September 2020 so you’ve got some time to figure out the best response.

So start doing your research on your tech must-haves and catch the various exhibitors’ Facebook Live shows.

You can visit the Comex Tech Deals Marathon’s website for more information.


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