ComfortdelGro’s New Lexus Taxis Do Not Have Taxi Signs Atop Its Roof


ComfortDelGro Unveils Luxurious Lexus Taxis Without Roof Signs

If you’re ever wondering why a taxi ride costs $65, here’s a new justification for you.

ComfortDelGro has introduced a luxurious addition to its taxi fleet with the Lexus ES300 Hybrid, aiming to enhance sustainability efforts and provide passengers with an exceptional level of comfort.

Image: Facebook (@ComfortDelGro Taxi)

Today, on the 30 Nov, ComfortDelGro made an announcement on Facebook regarding the incorporation of the Lexus ES300 Hybrid into its Limousine taxi fleet.

What sets this taxi apart is its hybrid nature, serving a dual purpose:

  1. Offering powerful, refined, and smooth rides.
  2. Generating fewer emissions for the sake of environmental sustainability.

According to ComfortDelGro’s CEO, Tommy Tan, this “premium and eco-friendly” taxi option is introduced to ensure passengers experience safe, comfortable, and dependable journeys.

Image: Facebook (@ComfortDelGro Taxi)

However, there’s one distinctive feature that’s caught everyone’s attention—it doesn’t have the traditional taxi sign on its roof, making it resemble a private-hire car.

The Lexus Limousine also sports an in-vehicle LED taxi sign as part of a six-month trial.

Image: Facebook (@ComfortDelGro Taxi)

While this design choice aims for a more seamless look, some netizens have raised concerns about how passengers will easily identify these taxis.

Now, let’s talk about the fare for this luxurious ride:

Image: Facebook (@ComfortDelGro Taxi)

Starting price: $4.80 for a flag down.


To put this into perspective, a typical 4-seater taxi starts at around $3.90 for a Hyundai i-40 Taxi.

Image: ComfortDelgro

The highest starting fare among taxis so far is for the Hyundai Ioniq EV / Hyundai Kona EV / BYD e6 Electric Vehicle Taxis, at $4.30.

Furthermore, the temporary one-cent increase in distance and waiting time fares, implemented on 4 Apr 2022, for all ComfortDelGro taxis, will remain effective until June 30, 2024.

In comparison, similar taxi services in the United States charge around $90 per hour, excluding taxes and gratuity, for a Lexus ES300 Hybrid taxi.


Considering that owning such a luxury midsize hybrid sedan would set you back at least $354,800, taking the taxi might not be a bad idea after all.

So, would you opt for the new luxury limousine taxi experience?