ComfortDelGro Took A Dig at Grab’s $1 Increase; Said An Increase Now is “Too Much to Bear”


Let us extend our hearty congratulations to Grab’s chief executive officer (CEO) Anthony Tan, who could soon become a billionaire for his contributions to society!

Therefore, it is only right that we do our part in protecting his billion-dollar fortune, by paying more every ride so Grab doesn’t have to decrease its 20% commission and help its gig workers, who are among the most vulnerable forms of employment out there!

Well, some people can’t stand it. And businesses are cashing in on the dissatisfaction.

ComfortDelGro Advertises Constant Fares

In a Facebook post on 28 May, ComfortDelGro went straight to the point:

“We are NOT increasing our fares!”

Capitalisations and all.

Adding on, it clarified that “any increase, even $1, can just be too much to bear in times like these.”


Well said. Now, how about you decrease the fares for your driving school too, where I paid $30 for a 30-second eye test?

Taking another jab at another of Grab’s mysterious fees, it added that “we don’t even have any platform fees”, and made it clear that they “neither pass the financial burden to our cabbies nor our customers”.

The comments section did point out, however, that ComfortDelGro will have to request for the Public Transport Council’s approval to increase fares as a taxi operator, instead of Grab, which can just… do whatever it wants.


Either way, if you are a masochistic Grab employee, you can check out ComfortDelGro’s full post below:

What’s With the Fare Hike?

Earlier in May, Grab announced a $1 fare hike for most of its transport options, citing higher operating costs among drivers and the need to improve driver earnings as reasons.

The ostensibly charitable move, however, quickly attracted controversy for ineffective tokenism. Not only does it shirk the responsibility of securing drivers a living wage to passengers, but the fare hike is also far too insignificant compared to the commission that Grab continues to take from driver earnings.

Grab driver Awang Mohd, for example, declared that “I don’t believe this is for our benefit at all. This is a starting ground for Grab to earn more commission later down the road. I am not assured that this will help us.”

Instead, he suggested a one-time payout to drivers who have satisfied a minimum duration worked.

Member of Parliament Yeo Wan Ling also urged Grab to revise its commission structure. Speaking to TODAYonline, she remarked that “we hope… Grab will continue to support our drivers’ livelihoods and well-being such as relooking into commission structures, and assistance should our drivers be issued with quarantine orders and lose their livelihoods.”

Feature Image: (rafapress) / Facebook (ComfortDelGro Taxi)

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