Japanese School Clerk Who Wins Boston Marathon Is A Life Lesson In Action


Are you a dreamer?

Do you dream of becoming a singer, a writer or a superstar?

Yet, you gave up on the dream because that can’t be you, or your situation just sucks too much.

You could be working a boring 9-5 office job (I know, 9-5 is a myth in Singapore) or you can’t afford to devote full attention to your dreams.

So you won’t achieve much and you decided that it’s better to give up than to continue daydreaming.

Well, wait till you hear about this Japanese man, Yuki Kawauchi.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

He has no sponsors, no professional trainers and works a full-time job.

Yet out of thousands of runners who took part in the marathon, he won first place and was the first Japanese man to win the marathon since 1987.

Not only that, he holds the World Guinness Record for the most number of marathons run under 2 hours 20 minutes.

Image: Drawception

So how did he do it?

He trained after working hours and joined marathons and races on his off-days.

His goal? Not just to keep running, but to show the world that even if you’re in his situation, working in a non-related field full-time and all, you can still perform at a world-level.

In the words of a wise man over the internet, it’s not about the resources you don’t have. It’s about making the most out of the resources you DO have.

So you want to be a singer? Sing, record it down and put it on the internet. Send it to record labels. Join singing competitions.

Want to write? Start writing fanfiction. Put your stuff on internet sites. Write freelance.

Image: memecreator.org

Dreaming isn’t reserved for just the rich, the people who are still studying or the people who have connections.

It’s for people like you and me, who don’t want to lead a life of the walking dead.

Image: giphy.com

At least when all is done, you can say, I’ve given my best. Trust me, it’s infinitely better than thinking, damn, I should’ve tried.

It’s like dreaming of winning the Singapore Pools’ Ang Bao draw. You can’t exactly win if you don’t start buying, right?

Image: iaaf.org

So start doing a Yuki Kawauchi.

Yes, I’ve just turned him into a count noun. He’s that inspiring.


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