Smoking Is Like Rubbing Your Faeces In People’s Face, Except You’re Killing Them At The Same Time

I could tell you that a family of five, with a Mr Zhu, are affected by second-hand cigarette smoke from their neighbours one floor above. Specifically, at Block 232 Tampines Street 21.

I could tell you that the family of five consists of children aged two, five and six, and the parents are worried about their children’s health.

I could also tell you that there were multiple complains, the family of five aren’t the only one affected, and there was also another Mr Chen who was affected.

But more than likely, you don’t really give a shit about a sob story like that.

And if you are someone who did, there’s really no point for you to read this article. You can read the whole thing here.

It doesn’t matter which camp you are in, you probably already know blabla smoking bad blabla smoking kills.

Instead, do you like poop?

Do you like the smell of poop? No? Great. What about other people’s poop? Even worse? Fantastic! It means that you are a completely normal, civilised human being!

You know how your own poop smells less bad than other people? Well, smoking is exactly the same.

Image: Quickmeme

When I’m in a public toilet and pooping, smelling other people’s poop is undesirable, but somewhat less terrible. But it’s not really the case when say, I am chilling on the streets or at home.

You’re not only going in with the silent deadly fart, which is usually only figuratively but in the case of smoking, it’s both literal and figurative.

You’re also holding a giant light stick with a banner saying “I’m shitting in all of your faces and I don’t really give a fart.”

Yes. That’s how I’m viewing you smokers out there, pants down, hands up. And I’m not sorry.

I can only say, I am disappointed in Facebook Commenters

I have a lot of faith in mankind. I went into Facebook comments, hoping for an insightful comment about the problem.

Yeah, smoking is poop, but smokers don’t really do it to shit in our faces.

The neighbours in question are foreigners, and not allowed to smoke in their rented flat.

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So they turn to other places like the void deck and lift corridor. Perhaps they genuinely didn’t know about how smoking is bad. Perhaps they have larger problems in life and smoking is their only relief from their less than well-to-do lives.

Image: Stomp

My faith wasn’t rewarded. Instead of a potential solution, I get comments like this:

Image: Stomp Facebook

Mind you, these are the most liked comments in that entire 143 comments thread.

Instead of addressing the main problems, other problems were pointed out. I’ll be honest. This is an extremely toxic way of thinking that only wants to put blame instead of doing something meaningful.

Image: Stomp Facebook

And then what you just saw are more liked comments that clearly shows that none of them read the article. Yes, smoke travels upwards. Yes, the smoker neighbours were living one floor above.

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But reading the article, you’ll notice there’s a picture of the neighbours smoking in the void deck.

And that the article wrote, “Meanwhile, Mrs Zhu recounted seeing one tenant smoking in the corridor outside the lift, even throwing away the cigarette butt and empty cigarette packet into a bicycle basket.”


Maybe all this coming from a less than attractive dude nearing his late 20s isn’t going to convince you. So instead here’s a clip of an anime girl complaining about smoking:


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