Some Companies Are Offering Support Such as Off Days or Transport Reimbursement for Staff to Take COVID-19 Vaccine


As you may know, the authorities in Moscow are giving away free cars to residents in a bid to increase their sluggish vaccination rate.

If the gahmen did that in Singapore, it would go bankrupt in about four days.

But we may have the next best thing.

Reader: Free houses?

Uh, no…

Reader: Free rides on public transport for life?

Okay maybe I shouldn’t have said next best thi—

Reader: A lifetime supply of toilet paper and bubble tea?

No, dear reader. It’s a day off and transport reimbursement.

Reader: …

Well, it’s better than nothing, right?

Some Companies Are Offering Support Such as Off Days or Transport Reimbursement for Staff to Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Some companies in Singapore have introduced initiatives to get more of their employees vaccinated.

This includes getting days off, sick leave, and transport reimbursement. These companies have also put support measures in place in case their workers become ill after getting inoculated.

Employees of OCBC, for example, will be given a day off for taking the vaccine, as well as private taxi reimbursement to and from the vaccination centres.

And if they experience side effects, they can take an additional two days of medical leave without needing to show a medical certificate (MC).

Any medical consultation fees will also be reimbursed.


At Singtel, employees will be given one sick day for the day of their vaccination. They can also work from home for a week after if they feel unwell.

Any sickness or disability resulting from the vaccine will be covered under the company’s insurance plan as well.

At UOB, employees even have their own company-appointed panel of clinics which offer free medical consultation.

Employees are also entitled to life and health insurance that cover COVID-19 infection and vaccination side effects.

Man… all these support measures sound great. So, what will Goody Feed employees get for getting vaccinated, boss?


Boss: Protection against COVID-19.

Wow, thanks a lot boss. That’s really nice of you.

Infection Rates Have Fallen With More Vaccinations, But Vaccines Less Effective Against Beta Variant

As we had hoped, COVID-19 infections rates have come down in countries using the Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, or AstraZeneca vaccines.

However, they are less effective against the Beta variant, which was first detected in South Africa.

Nevertheless, these vaccines are our only weapon against the coronavirus, besides safe distancing and eating at home for the rest of our lives.

A few days ago, Singapore opened up vaccinations to Singaporeans aged 12 to 39. This is largest age group so far, with about 1.5 million people.


Those worried about side effects should know that most side effects are mild or moderate, and usually get better within a few days.

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