S’pore Company Wants to Engage Lady ‘Coz There Are ‘Far Too Many Men’ in the Company


Finding a job in recent years is a huge challenge on its own.

Holding a bachelor’s degree is almost a basic requirement. Factoring in salary, interests, passions, career growth, feasibility, etc. on top of having to compete with other unemployed.

Now imagine you’re an aspiring digital designer having to deal with overwhelmingly low salary and having to be a… young sporty female?

Image: Know your meme

Average Pay of $1267 a Month

In a job listing posted on Facebook recently, a company is looking for a Digital Designer to join them on probation for three months where they will be tasked with various creative and design duties.

Pointed out in another post, Facebook user Fish Chaar CK noted the extremely low pay despite having a portfolio as a requirement.

Image: Facebook (Fish Chaar CK)

The company was offering to pay the applicant $800, $1200, and $1800 for the three months respectively – which meant an average of $1267 per month.

The user then shared his experience working as a hardware tool delivery boy fresh out of O Levels, where factoring inflation, he earned $1122 to $1964 a month.

He then commented on how ridiculous it was that a delivery boy with zero working experience and only an O Levels cert in 1990 earned more than a digital designer with a portfolio in 2020.

I am not aware if this is the norm for a digital designer’s pay, but I seriously hope it’s just this posting that is immensely lowballing.

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Young Sporty Ladies Only

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only red flag in the job posting.

The posting specifically said that they wanted a “young sporty individual” for the job.

Image: Facebook

As a comment on the post pointed out, what does being sporty have to do with being a designer?

Combine that with wanting only females for the job, and you have a fishy job posting.

Image: Facebook (Darryl Seah)

It’s good if they want to balance out genders in the workplace, but only wanting a young sporty female after the company has “far too many men”?

Image: Know Your Meme

Sounds like a huge red flag to me.

On top of all of these, they also want the applicants to attach results of a DISC personality test, which in case you didn’t know, is a test used to measure a person’s Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.


Even the creators of the test discourage using it for the hiring process.

I don’t know about you, but this is one job I’d stay far away from.