Confessions of How S’pore Parents / Students Abused Teachers Show The Dark Side of Teaching

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There are many unsung heroes in this world, and some of them happen to be those that we see a lot of in school while growing up – our teachers.

It’s definitely not easy being a teacher.

It might sound like an enjoyable job to teach and guide students and watch them grow. While it is in that aspect, there is a dark side to it too.

Teachers also have to deal with their antics like running around the class, not handing up homework, and many other worse things.

Gives you flashbacks to the time you were still in school and didn’t listen to your teacher, right?

Sorry, Mrs Tan.

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The Reality of Being A Teacher in S’pore

Instead of all the glory and recognition that you think one should get for taking on the noble role of a teacher, a great deal of them actually get treated like absolute dirt by students and even parents, sometimes for no actual reason at all.

What? How can? Not that bad one la… you might be thinking.

Oh, you’ll be surprised.

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Modern Day Horror Stories

Cak Cak Kuti, an educational supply store in Singapore, opened up their Instagram polls to all teachers who have a horror story to share about devilish students and demanding parents.

They then posted some of the stories up on their Facebook page for the world to see.

Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

Check out some of the crazy stories.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

The student is always right…

One teacher shared how a student had pointed the middle finger at her colleague. Not only did the student not get any punishment for it, but the principal and vice principal also ended up siding with the student.

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This one’s even worse – even when faced with physical abuse, the school didn’t even take any action.

Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

I mean, in what world is that behaviour even excusable?!

“You’re just a teacher, what do you know?”

Ah, always a classic insult.

Some parents even claim that they don’t want their kids to grow up to be a teacher because they don’t earn a lot of money. That’s low.

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“Studying” session or talking session?

Another teacher was trying to maintain silence in the class so that the other students could concentrate, yet was accused by the student that the teacher had chased him out instead.

Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

There’s definitely a lot to discuss on the content page, huh.

Racist remarks

Someone’s grandma even straight up told the teacher that her grandson would like the teacher better if she removed the scarf on her head (most likely a hijab). Wow.

Even when the incident was brought up to the principal, the teacher was still told to put in more effort to get the boy to like her. Ironically, he already seems to like her enough.

Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

The grandma of yet another student even refused to acknowledge this one teacher besides giving them an eye roll, only choosing to greet Chinese teachers.

Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

What’s with all the racism? Come on, it’s already 2019!


Fight to the… death?

This teacher ran into a particularly violent parent who allegedly attacked them with an umbrella for asking her son to finish his meal and had to protect themselves.

Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

Apparently, the parent has since passed on.



Running for two lives

Now, this is a scene that is so appalling and fearsome, it would totally not look out of place in an actual school horror film.

A teacher sent in a story regarding how one student chased a pregnant teacher with a pair of scissors, yelling that he would kill her baby, which was still in her tummy.


Image: Facebook/Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes

The poor pregnant teacher had to be sent to the hospital due to high blood pressure afterwards.

Let’s see his parents try to get him out of this one.

Thank you, teachers!

Looking at all those crazy stories from teachers, I think a whole book series can be filled with them. True Singapore Horror Stories – Teacher’s Edition. 

I have so much more respect for teachers now after seeing the horrible things they have to deal with when they are just trying to do their jobs well.

After all, teachers are the ones who can also educate and empower the future generation to achieve great things as well, and not just their parents. They deserve basic respect and courtesy too, just as much as human beings of other professions do.

Take this as a lesson to all, and let’s be human beings worthy of A grades!