Cool Dad Makes His Kid’s Childhood Videos Into Special Effects Movie Scenes

To be honest, I don’t quite know how to write this article into existence, seeing as to how the subject matter is predominantly visual.

While not quite piping hot and fresh, Márcio Calheiros’ video which was uploaded onto his Facebook page on 12 October 2018 has so far garnered 5.1 million views, 53,000 reactions, 159,127 shares and 6,600 comments.

Video made from Kid’s childhood video

In this video, Márcio Calheiros pieced together some of his son’s childhood video and weaved in his very own brand of visual effects magic to essentially make this a mini-Hollywood movie.

Check it out.

Quando o pai é programador de efeitos visuais…

Posted by Márcio Calheiros on Friday, 12 October 2018

The caption alongside the video reads “Quando o pai é programador de efeitos visuais…” which translates to “When a father is a visual effects programmer …”

And here’s what a visual effects programmer can do to otherwise, potentially mundane childhood videos.

Camera, Action, Cut!

Scene 1:

While his son appears to be at the helm of a wooden ship at his local playground, it quickly transforms into a life and death matter when huge swells come crashing down onto his tiny ship.

The orange fisherman jacket appears to be a real prop though.

Possible movie inspiration: Titanic (1997),  The Perfect Storm (2000), Life of PI (2012)

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Scene 2:

This is not for one with a fear of height, or acrophobia, not vertigo lah.

What begins off as rather innocuously-looking, the kiddo appears to be fooling around by hanging off a railing of sorts at home quickly becomes a death-defying moment when a slow pan reveals that he is now hanging by the side of building’s grilles.

Birds can be seen flying beneath him, while the bold kid though is all laughs.

Possible movie inspiration: Any of the Mission Impossible movies, The Walk (2015)

Scene 3:

Some scenes later, his kid appears to be taking a happy stroll along a street grounded in reality.

Ignoring his father’s comments, the kid steps into a puddle and appears to enter the void, leaving no trace of his existence thereafter.

Possible movie inspiration: Inception (2010), Dark City (1998)

And after some scenes, we arrive at the final scene.

The kid appears to be carrying a huge bag while heading out the front door.

As the door swings wide open, blinding white light permeates the screen.

Kid steps out of what we can infer to be a plane’s doorway and proceeds to parachute out of focus and toward the ground.

Possible movie inspiration: Chronicles of Narina?????

Me: Eh Boss I’m done with the article leh.

After some time and reading…

Editor: Eh your article a bit mehhh leh. Can touch up a bit?

Me: Sorry Boss, for now, only visuals have effects, be it digital or practical effects hor. Worded texts hor, no effects one.

Editor: Then how? Numbers got effect? I minus One 0 from your paycheck ok?

Me: #$%$^&$&%$^&

*All images from Márcio Calheiros’ Facebook unless otherwise stated

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