Cop Who Used Singlish in China Learned Singlish From Working in S’pore KFC

Even in Taiwan where English standards are admittedly not great, they laugh at us for butchering the English language so badly they have a hard time understanding us when they fly into Singapore.

And it’s not just restricted to foreigners. Even people in our own country, the atas and those who wants to act atas, behaved like Singlish is something uneducated people speaks.

How many of you have spoken with an American slang to make yourself look better than others?

Well, here’s one video which proved that Singlish is a dialect (yes, technically, it is an English dialect) that is easy to speak, comfortable to listen to and something people want to learn.

China Policeman Filmed Speaking in Singlish, Video Went Viral After Uploading

On 19 June 2017, it was reported on Channel 8 News that a traffic policeman in China was spotted talking to two exchange students who were riding a motorcycle without a license.

The video garnered over 1.3 million views, over 50,000 likes and 3,000 comments after it was uploaded to Weibo.

He had asked if the two know how to speak in Mandarin. When they said that they could only speak English, he brought out the big guns.

He started speaking to them in English. Or to be more exact, Singlish.

Using phrases like “You driving a car in your country, you need a driving license anot?” and “that one also can”, he managed to get his point across to the two students.

He even used the words “IC” (think Singaporean NRIC) when other countries are more accustomed to using ID (Identification Document).

And that’s not all. He was even as guailan as the average Singaporean.

When the exchange students claimed they don’t know they need a driving license to ride a motorcycle in China, he asked if they need a driving license in their own country to drive.

Netizens Wanted to Know Where He Learned English, Claimed It’s Comfortable to Listen To

Netizens who saw the video praised the traffic policeman for having fluent English.

Some wanted to know where he learned his English from, wanting to learn it for themselves.

Another commented that even though there is an accent in his English, it makes them feel comfortable just listening to him speak.

Traffic Policeman Worked in Singapore For Two Years Before

So how did he learn Singlish? Through YouTube?

It turns out that he was working in Singapore for two years before returning to China. During his stay here, he was exposed to Singlish while working in KFC and started adopting some of it for his own use.

Yeah, you can learn English in KFC!

At the end of the day, the motorcycle in question was confiscated because the vehicle has no number plate and the exchange students were holding on to foreign driving license.

So people, time to get proud of your own language lah. Stop putting on a fake slang to make yourself look better leh.

Because in Singapore, Singlish is a part of our identity as well.

Check out the video below:

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