S’pore Artist Draws Cute Corgi Comic To Show Support For Our Medical Workers


At the rate things are going, it’s safe to assume that medical workers in Singapore now have the worst job possible, considering all the shit they’ve to go through.

Crazy amounts of protective gear that leave unpleasant blemishes on their faces.

Risking their lives at the forefront of the health industry as the COVID-19 looks ever more dangerous.

And after going through all of that, having to endure unpleasant remarks and gazes by disapproving commuters on public transport.

Indeed, one can’t help but wonder; why do these medical workers persevere through such harsh lifestyle routines, when their only reward is a pittance compared to others? 

Image: Care To Go Beyond

Being a hopelessly materialistic individual with a ‘work less, earn more’ mantra, I’ve no way of understanding where they’re coming from.

But it seems that medical workers don’t care so much about the money, as they do for the satisfaction they derive from the job.

Feeling appreciated by grateful patients; helping to save the precious lives of sick individuals; watching once suffering people get back on their feet with a smile.

They all count. 

And despite everything the Coronavirus outbreak has inflicted on them, the fact remains that there are tons of people who appreciate what they do on a daily basis;

And the following comic strip represents just that.

S’pore Artist Draws Cute Corgi Comic To Show Support For Our Medical Workers

In light of the unfair treatment Singaporean nurses have had to contend with recently, a Singapore comic artist has created a delightful comic strip to express gratitude to all the nurses in the country.

In the first two frames of the four-panel strip, the nurse (depicted by a Labrador puppy garbed in scrubs) could be seen being self-conscious as other passengers blatantly stare at it.

Later on, the passengers are implied to be walking over, and the labrador pup squeezes its eyes shut as a self-defence mechanism, all the while thinking: “They’re coming over…”

While those two frames must’ve hit home more than nurses would’ve desired, especially with all that has happened, the last two panels of the comic strip deviated away from reality and conveyed the gratefulness of all appreciative Singaporeans.

“Thank You For Your Contributions”

“We just wanted to thank you for your selfless contribution to fight against the novel coronavirus,” said the Corgi in a surgical mask. And beside it, the other passenger held out its hands in a warm gesture.


The comic strip then ends off with the heart-warming caption of “You are our hero. Our healthcare heroes”, with a depiction of all three animals seated down; our dear nurse basking in the appreciation and gratefulness of its fellow passengers.

Here, you can check out the uplifting comic strip down below:

Image: Facebook (Corgiyolk)

While the comic strip might be deemed a little “off-reality’, considering how nurses have received flak for simply lugging their work clothes in plastic bags, it is a nice gesture on the comic artist’s part and a reminder to all endeavouring nurses that there are Singaporeans who remain appreciative and gratuitous of their efforts.

“This comic is to thank the unsung heroes who are on the front lines and are fighting against the battle of the novel coronavirus,” the comic artist captions the post.

Well-said, Corgiyolk!

Note: The post has since been shared on Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Facebook page.


Be Appreciate Of What We Have

Perhaps it’s a trick of time, but it seems that we’ve grown to take nurses for granted, as the recent mistreatment cases might serve to attest to.

However, one has to remember that in the end, nurses are not obliged to do what they do.

They voluntarily undertook the profession in a bid to make the world a better place, and we should respect and appreciate thatnot criticise and undermine it.

As such, let’s all appreciate what nurses have to offer, and what they’re doing in light of the recent tragedies.

We Can All Do Our Part

While we don’t exactly have to emulate what Corgi and co. did in the comic strip, we can help them out by giving them polite smiles, and avoid eye gazes that might come across as judgemental.

The nurses are doing all they can; let’s help them out in whichever way we can too. And yes, that includes practising good hygiene standards too.


After all, keeping yourself healthy would serve to reduce a nurse’s potential workload, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Remember to wash your hands regularly, people!

Avoid touching your face unnecessarily, and only touch it after you’ve disinfected your hands.

Wear a surgical mask in public if you’re unwell, and remember to see the doctor if necessary!

Let’s fight this mothaf*cking outbreak together, people!