Cosplayer Earns Up To S$374,000 Per Year By Selling Her Photos & Merchandises

Imagine wearing a set of clothes and ka ching, money drops into your hands.

Envision then changing into another set of costume, and ka-double-ching, more money falls into your grateful arms.

Or how about this; creating your own costume, change into and sell it, ka-triple-ching, about a quarter of a million dough makes it way into your bank account.

That folks, sounds unreal, but is actually the living reality of Enako or enakorin if we go by the Instagram handle of Japan’s number one cosplayer.

Image: Instagram/enakorin

Enako, non-costumed.

The Numbers Game

According to World of Buzz, Enako reckons that in a good year, such as 2018 was, she can earn up to around SGD$374, 000.

She shares that earning SGD$12,000 per modelling gig is not uncommon and has even once earned up to SGD$124,000 in a single day.

Image: Gifer

She is so popular that whenever she makes an appearance at an event, a modest crowd can be expected to gather.

And by modest, I mean this:


According to World of Buzz:

“While she is fully capable of earning one million yen (RM37,700) [SGD 12, 000] from just one modelling gig, Enako actually generates most of her income by selling merchandise.”

“She usually sells her merchandise at the semi-annual Comiket convention in Tokyo” and has “revealed that 80 per cent of her income is generated from selling merchandise that she produces herself.”

Image Tenor

Comiket convention

For the unacquainted, the bi-annual Comiket convention is the world’s largest independent manga fair, which draws an approximate half a million visitors.

The two Comiket held in August 2018 and December 2018 drew a crowd of 530,000 and 570,000 respectively.

Enako revealed that she roughly earned about 10 million yen for each of the Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket, which translates to 20 million yen or about SGD$250,000 over the combined course of just a few days.

Among the merchandises she has produced, these are some of the popular ones which have contributed significantly to her coffer:

76-page photo album of yourself (if not who? Our boss ah?) at the price of 2,500 yen (Approx SGD$32)


A Comiket exclusive package that includes: The aforementioned 76-page booklet, a 50-page booklet, a 26-page Christmas photo book and an original back for 6,000 yen (Approx SGD$75)


Here’s some of her costumes for your viewing pleasure as well:

Image: Instagram/enakorin
Image: Twitter/enako_cos
Image: Twitter/enako_cos

So folks, if you want to follow her, here’s her Instagram and Twitter accounts:




Face – wait, who still uses Facebook except our old boss?

And for those who aspire to what is deemed unconventional careers, here’s a shining example of one successful one.


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