You Can Now Play the Iconic Counterstrike on Your Browser Without Any Download

If you asked someone if they played the first-person shooter, Counter-Strike (CS), you’d probably get the following reply.

“Oh, you mean CS: GO (Global Offensive)?”

Image: TalkEsport

While I’m no shooting game fan myself, there’s no denying how big the player base is for the hit shooter.

The game is fast-paced, requires not just individual skill but also the strength to cooperate with your team for victory.

It’s also unsurprisingly one of the largest esports in the market right now.

Gone are the days where CS was just another net cafe game, doomed to fade out in place of more modern online games. It is now a mainstay of competitive gaming and is here to stay.

That, and it also makes for a great viewing experience with moments like these.

I may or may not have given this video dozens of views from my own viewing.

But as with all games, not everyone is a fan of the new. Even if that wasn’t it, sometimes you just want a trip down memory lane.

Maybe you just want to play old versions of CS, such as CS 1.6.

Image: TalkEsport

If that’s the case, there might actually be a way to scratch that itch.

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Blast From The Past

Or more specifically, a website.

Players who want to relive their CS 1.6 days can now play for free by simply heading over to CS-ONLINE.CLUB.


You read that right: for free. You don’t even need to register! All you need to do is click fast game and it’ll bring you into an available server.

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By then, all you need are your wits and skill and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can just choose which servers are closest to your region and head in if there’s enough space.

There is one downside though, especially if you want to just play amongst your friends.

Paid Privacy

You see, the servers on the website are mostly public servers.

This means anyone can come in as long as there’s an empty slot.

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There is an option to rent out a private server where you can set limits such as passwords so that only your pals can identify it.

However, doing so requires you to make actual cash payment. This could range from S$1.39 to S$20.85, depending on the settings you want for that server.


It also requires you to actually register an account, instead of the initial click-and-play fare.

While it may seem ridiculous, the website has to maintain itself somehow I suppose.

Still, if all you’re looking for is a quick fix of the early 2000s shooting action, just hop in for a ‘Fast Game’.

Last I checked, the game had at a few hundred active players at a time so finding matches really shouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe we’ll even meet each other online if I give it a shot!


Get it, shot? Shooting game joke?


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