Couple Broke Up Because Girl Felt Guy’s S$317 Ang Pows To Her Parents Are ‘Not Sincere’ Enough

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Chinese New Year is a festival of celebration and a chance to meet the parents and make them like you.

Typically by behaving really, really well during CNY gathering, bribing them with cans of abalone or giving them a generous ang pow.

If you’ve succeeded in making them happy, your chance of marrying them increases by a lot, from striking it rich in Toto to striking it rich in 4D.

But if your efforts proved “insincere”? Well, at least you know it early and can devote your time to somebody else.

Like this Taiwanese girl who broke up with her boyfriend all because of ang pows.

Taiwanese Netizen Shared His Sad CNY Story

According to ET Today, a Taiwanese male netizen shared his sad CNY story that happened on Chinese New Year’s Eve in a series of screenshots of their conversation.

It all started with his girlfriend of two months reminding him about the upcoming dinner with her parents on 4 Feb.


She went on to ask if he had prepared ang pows for them.

He said that he did.

And he told her how much he packed for her parents when she asked.

Bad news, bro.


When he said that he packed 3,600 NTD per person for her parents, she immediately responded heatedly.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Are you going to a wedding dinner? Can you be more sincere? There’ll be a lot of relatives visiting my home tomorrow for CNY. Can’t you give my parents some “face”?

When he asked how much she expected him to pack, she replied with 6,600 NTD. Per pax.

By the way, if you were to do a conversion, the initial amount he’s looking to give was 7,200 NTD, approximately S$317.

Girl Starts Venting on Messaging App

Then, the drama starts.


For those who can’t read the messages clearly, here’s what she said:

I know you haven’t gone to bed yet. Are you still angry?

Do you think my request is too much?

You said before that for a couple to stay together, there must be communication between both parties. But now, you’re the one that doesn’t want to communicate.

I’ve invited you over to my house to pick me up before our movie date tomorrow so that you can visit my parents as well. That’s my way of showing I’ve approved of you. Or do you feel that I’m not worth the sacrifice, that my parents are not worthy of being your family?

I want to stay together with you and I don’t want this trivial issue to break us up.

Good night.

Guy Rebutts The Next Day


It seems that the guy has already gone to bed, or decide not to reply to his girlfriend until the very next day.

He said that the person who seemed like they do not want to communicate is her.

And reminded her that there must be some guidelines for their financial spending as well.

He claimed that every time they go out on dates, he was the one footing the bill. And accused her of spending all her of her money every single month (wait, I thought they were only together for two months?).

When she asked if he found her a burden and blamed her for spending his money, he merely said that if he had really thought that way, he wouldn’t have prepared the ang pows for her parents.

Couple Couldn’t Find Middle Ground & Broke Up


When she repeatedly asked if he felt that 3,600 NTD was enough, he decided that enough was enough and said they should break up.

To which she agreed.

And that’s how this couple got separated on CNY 2019.

Who’s At Fault Here?

Netizens mostly agree that the girl shouldn’t be demanding that much, especially not when the couple has only been dating for only two months.

While another netizen said that if the girlfriend had packed 6,600 NTD for his parents, he should do the same as well.

But what do you think? Is the girl’s request too outlandish, or was the guy too rigid in his beliefs?

Money isn’t everything, but it can help or harm your relationship.

Everybody values money differently, the trick, therefore, is to look for someone who views money in the same way as you.

So it’s a pretty good thing that this couple broke up after two months of the relationship. At least they haven’t wasted too much time and can now look for someone that shares views that are closer to each other.