Couple Left Baby at Home for a Week to Die While They Go Drink & Play Games

We all know that a baby is a cute bundle of joy who is in equal measure, defenceless and utterly reliant on his/her parents for love, food, shelter and care.

A couple in South Korean was so wilful and extreme in their dereliction of duty that their seven-month-old daughter was found dead in their apartment.

A week after they had left her all alone at home.

Image: AsiaOne/Screenshot from YTN News/YouTube

Drinking And Gaming While Their Daughter Was Dying

In a case that has gripped the nation, the 18-year-old mother, surnamed Gyeom, and the 21-year-old father, surnamed Cho, both walked out of their apartment, after having an argument on the night of May 23.

Under the assumption that their other half would have returned home to care for the baby, neither of them apparently did so for an entire week.

During this time, Gyeom had posted photos of herself drinking almost daily on her Instagram page.

Cho, on the other hand, spent his time gaming with his friends in an internet cafe.

He had only realized that their daughter was dead upon returning to their apartment on 31 May.

Cover Up and Expose

Cho, upon returning home and discovering their dead child, proceeded to place the deceased child into a blanket-covered paper box in the living room.

However, the case was reported on June 2 when Gyeom’s father reported the baby’s death.

This after visiting the apartment as both Gyeom and Cho had been uncontactable.

According to the police, the baby had scratches on her hands, legs and head, likely caused by the couple’s pet dogs.

The couple had initially lied about the course of the event and told the police that they had awoken on May 31 to find the baby deceased.

They pointed to the scratches as evidence that their dogs might have attacked the baby.

However, CCTV footage revealed they had in fact not been home since May 23, only returning at different times on May 31 to find their daughter dead.

Investigation Ongoing 

While the investigation is still ongoing, an “initial opinion by the National Forensic Service said neither starvation nor external wounds seemed to be likely causes” according to this report.

This despite the fact that the baby’s stomach was found to be empty upon autopsy, an indication that the girl had not been fed for a long time.

Both Gyeom and Cho’s Facebook pages have since been flooded with thousands of angry comments.

In what was an indication of trouble in their relationship, Gyeom posted several posts of increasing intensity in the weeks leading up to the incident, accusing Cho of cheating on her and staying away from the house for days.

In a telling post written just two weeks before the baby’s death, she said: “She’s my baby and innocent but I don’t like her anymore because I gave birth to her with you.”

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