Covid-19 Patient Who Works in NTU As Cleaner Didn’t Have Contact With Staff Or Students

The COVID-19 is a scary thing, particularly because you have no idea who has this highly infectious virus.

The general rule of thumb? Run far far away from anyone who appears to have any of the symptoms such as running nose, cough or fever.

A gentle reminder though, if someone coughs on you, try not to put them in a headlock, like this Thai Airways cabin crew did.

As the days pass, more and more people are testing positive for the virus:

Covid-19 Patient Who Works in NTU As Cleaner Didn’t Have Contact With Staff Or Students

A 69-year-old cleaner at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was diagnosed with the COVID-19.

Thankfully, he had made no contact with any of the students after he began to develop symptoms of the virus.

He also did not have any “sustained” contact with staff, NTU confirmed in an internal email on Sunday.

Co-workers from the same cleaning company who came into close contact with the cleaner with COVID-19 have been issued leave of absence (LOA), according to the email.

On Sunday, 12 confirmed cases were announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Singaporean cleaner is among them.

An NTU spokesperson has confirmed that the contents of the email and has revealed that the cleaner is Case 141.

A media release by MOH has revealed more information regarding the case, namely that the cleaner was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Saturday afternoon. He is currently residing at Jurong West Street 64.

No Recent Travel History To Affected Countries

MOH also revealed that the cleaner was a member of the university’s cleaning services vendor and had no recent travel history to affected countries and regions.

He reported that his symptoms began on 1 March and he is currently being warded at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in an isolation room.

Before he was admitted into the hospital, he last worked at the NTU Innovation Centre on 3 March and has been on medical leave (MC) since then.

After that, the university promptly carried out contact tracing.

“The university has conducted contact tracing and has confirmed that the case did not have any contact with NTU students, or sustained contact with NTU staff in the course of his work on March 2 and March 3 mornings.”

Areas Thoroughly Infected

NTU also explained that the cleaner’s duties were only limited to the ground floor restrooms and external area of the NTU Innovation Centre.

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It also explained that those areas have been “thoroughly disinfected”. However, it is not clear when these areas were disinfected.

“The health and well-being of our students, employees and visitors are our foremost concern. We will continue to remind our vendors and contractors that precautionary measures should be taken, and staff who are unwell should not report to work,” NTU said.

“We will continue to keep our learning, office and residential spaces, as well as other common facilities including all lifts, lobbies and toilets, clean.”

The Situation In Singapore

As of 9 March, there are currently a total of 160 confirmed cases in Singapore. Of this,

93 patients have fully recovered and are discharged and 10 are now in ICU. The good news is that the conditions of the remaining patients are either stable or improving.


MOH has also identified 3,784 close contacts who have been quarantined. Of these, 724 are currently quarantined, and 3,060 have completed their quarantine.

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