Another COVID-19 Case Investigated for Possible Links to Mandarin Orchard Infections

On Saturday, 26 Dec 2020, while many of us were basking in the midst of the long weekend, the folks at the Ministry of Health (MOH) were hard at work keeping Singapore safe.

On that day, 10 new Covid-19 cases were reported, and out of the 10, one is a 37-year-old Lebanese man who had served SHN at Mandarin Orchard Hotel before being shifted to another facility on 20 Dec 2020.

All ten cases are asymptomatic cases, MOH reveals, and were detected after “proactive screening and surveillance”.

The man, who came to Singapore from Qatar, tested negative for his Covid-19 swabs on 19 and 21 Dec 2020.

His swab on 24 Dec 2020, however, came back positive.

When a serological test was conducted, his result returned negative, indicating that it is not likely a past infection.

MOH says that they are now investigating to check if he is linked to the 13 other cases from Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

Second Day In A Row

This makes it the second day in a row that a fresh Covid-19 case was detected in a person who used to serve SHN at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

On 25 Dec 2020, MOH reported 14 new cases that are all imported.

Like any imported cases, they don’t raise anyone’s eyebrows as all of them have been on SHN.

Except that one of them used to stay in Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

According to MOH, the Singapore PR arrived from the Philippines on 10 December and served SHN at Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

He was moved to another dedicated facility on 20 December when MOH commenced investigations into the 13 previously reported cases who had served SHN at Mandarin Orchard Singapore between 22 October and 11 November 2020.

He was swabbed on 19 December and 21 December and his test results came back negative for COVID-19 infection.

As a precautionary measure, he was swabbed again on completion of SHN on 24 December and went home following the test.

His test result came back positive that night and he was conveyed to the hospital the next day.

Investigations for his case is also ongoing to check if he is linked to the 13 cases previously reported from Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

Meanwhile, a minister has announced that no Covid-19 safe management measure breaches were found at the hotel.

Update On S’pore’s Covid-19 Situation

As of 26 Dec 2020, Singapore has 1,737 imported cases.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore is 58,519.

Among the 10 imported cases reported on 26 Dec 2020, two of them are Singaporeans returning from the United Kingdom.

Two others are work permit holders from Bangladesh and India, and there are three other Dependant’s Pass holders from India.

The remaining three cases are Short-Term Visit Pass holders.

58,362 patients have recovered from Covid-19.

37 Covid-19 cases are still in the hospital, and 91 other patients are being cared for at Community Care Facilities (CCFs).

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