169 New Covid-19 Cases Reported Today (3 Jul); 11 Cases In The Community


It’s 3 Jul, 4 days after Nomination Day.

When PM Lee announced the start of the Hunger Games General Election, he said it’s because he’s reasonably confident that the Covid-19 situation is under control.

At least enough for a GE2020 to take place.

So how are the numbers looking?

Good news, it’s dropped further since yesterday’s numbers.

There are 169 new Covid-19 cases preliminarily reported by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

This figure includes 11 cases in the community, 3 Singaporean/PRs and 8 work pass holders.


There are also 3 import cases who have been on Stay-Home-Notice since their arrival in Singapore.

Foreign workers residing in dormitories make up a vast majority of the cases.

This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore to 44,479.

Cases In The Community On 2 Jul

Yesterday, MOH reported 10 cases in the community and 1 import case.

The 1 import case is a Filipino national who is employed in Singapore. She has been kept on SHN since her arrival from the United Kingdom on 20 Jun and is an asymptomatic case.

Of the 10 community cases reported yesterday, 3 were picked up from MOH’s proactive surveillance and screening and 5 were already placed on quarantine earlier.

Singaporean/PR cases:

  • 3 cases (44193, 44256 and 44299) are contacts of previously confirmed cases and were already on quarantine
  • 3 cases (44261, 44262 and 44263) were detected due to MOH’s proactive surveillance of persons working at dormitories or deployed to frontline Covid-19 operations; they are asymptomatic cases.
  • 2 cases (44167, 44199) were swabbed under MOH’s enhanced community testing after being diagnosed for ARI.

Work Pass Holder Cases:

  • Two work permit holders (44258 and 44298) were identified as contacts of previously confirmed cases and were no quarantined; they were detected when tested during their quarantine to verify their statuses.

The average number of community cases per day has increased from 4 (in the week before) to 9 (over the past week).

The average number of unlinked community cases per day has increased as well from 2 (in the week before) to 4 (over the past week).

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Tampines HDB Covid-19 Cluster

This started on 23 June 2020.

During a pro-active screening of dormitories, the authorities picked up a case—a 66-year-old Singaporean who works in The Leo Dormitory.

And six of his household members were tested positive, too.

Well, they stayed in their own bubble (i.e. household), so that shouldn’t raise any alarm, right?



Four days later, the authorities found two more cases in the block that the first patient lives. Both live on different floors and have not interacted with the family cluster.

It’s at block 111 along Tampines St 11.

The contact tracers then investigated further.

58 households living in the block that share a common lift lobby and stairwell were contacted and checked if they were well. Two weren’t feeling well and were tested—and thankfully, they were tested negative for COVID-19.

Everyone in the 58 units, including their visitors, were put on active phone surveillance.

Can Be Tested If They Want

These people are offered a COVID-19 test if they want, and 58 of them have already gone for the test and all tested negative. Another 29 would be tested in the next two days.


Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said, “As these households aren’t really close contacts of the confirmed cases, they’re assessed to have a lower risk of being infected. But we want to be a little bit more careful because asymptomatic transmission could occur.”

So basically, if you thought an HDB block has been on lockdown, you’re wrong. People are still Googling Tampines for another reason.

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