246 New Covid-19 Cases Reported Today (30 Jun); 6 Cases In The Community

Today is the second day in a row that we are having single-digit cases in the community.

Which is great because, well, we’re within the 10-14 day range after Phase 2 started.

If you don’t get what I’m talking about, you can read about the significance of the 14-day period here:

As of 12pm, 30 Jun 2020, the Ministry of Health preliminarily reports 246 new Covid-19 cases.

This figure includes 6 cases in the community: 3 Singaporeans/PRs and 3 work pass holders.

This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore to 43,907.

More Details About Community Cases Reported On 29 Jun

According to MOH, of the 6 community cases picked up yesterday, 4 are Singaporeans/PRs and 2 are work permit holders.

One of the Singaporean cases (case 43538) was a contact of a previously confirmed case and was already on quarantine earlier.

He tested positive when he was swabbed during his quarantine.

Another 2 cases (43539 and 43637) were discovered due to MOH’s proactive surveillance of persons working at dormitories or deployed to frontline Covid-19 operations.

They are both asymptomatic cases.

For the remaining case (43691), epidemiological investigations are still ongoing.

The two work permit holders (43540 and 43638) are both asymptomatic cases. They were found during MOH’s proactive screening of workers in essential services or those working at dormitories.

The average number of new cases in the community has increased from 4 the week before to 7 in the past week.

The average number of unlinked cases has increased as well, rising from 2 a week before to 4 over the past week.

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Locations Visited By Covid-19 Patients

Along with MOH’s detailed report yesterday was the updating of the list of places where infectious Covid-19 patients have been to.

New places added to the list include a durian stall at 608 Geylang Road, an eatery at Outram Park, spa and more.

You can view the full list below:

Image: MOH
Image: MOH

Again, don’t be paranoid and avoid these places.

The purpose of the list is to tell anyone who’s been there during the same period to monitor their health carefully for the next 14 days.

Should any symptoms, no matter how mild, pop up, go see a doctor immediately.


Meanwhile, let’s all try and make sure we practise safe distancing and obey safety management measures during this period.

You don’t want to be the next badminton organiser who shot into infamy overnight, would you?

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