21 COVID-19 Cases Today (8 Apr); All Are Imported Cases

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We are back with no community cases today.

As of 12pm today (8 Apr), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has preliminarily confirmed 21 new cases of COVID-19 infection.

All of them are imported cases.

This brings the total number of cases in Singapore to 60,575.

Based on yesterday’s figures, the number of new cases in the community has decreased from 3 cases in the week before to 2 cases in the past week. The number of unlinked cases in the community has also decreased from 3 cases in the week before to 2 cases in the past week.

Sole Case of Community Case on 7 Apr is a 40YO Myanmar Maid Who Was Previously Tested Negative

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the only community case yesterday, case 61639, is a 40-year-old foreign domestic worker from Myanmar. After arriving on 13 November 2020, she went on to serve her Stay Home Notice (SHN) at a designated location.

On 23 November, she underwent a COVID-19 test and was verified to be negative. However, due to an affiliation with Case 58386 during their journey to Singapore, she was situated in quarantine from 24 to 27 November.

After the quarantine period concluded, she proceeded to start work.

On 2 April this year, she is said to have experienced a headache, and later shortness of breath on 4 April. Seeking treatment on 4 April, she was subsequently subjected to another COVID-19 test – which she tested positive for this time around.

The domestic worker was swiftly sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for hospitalisation.

Interestingly, she is said to have tested negative in another test done by the National Public Health Laboratory on 5 April. However, her serological test result proved to be positive.

This is a possible indication of a previous infection, which may have since been rendered redundant. According to MOHshe could be “shedding minute fragments of the virus RNA, which are no longer transmissible and infective to others”. Nevertheless, authorities are still adopting precautionary measures as they’re unable to confirm when she had been infected.

264 Active Cases

There are currently 46 confirmed cases who are still in hospital. Of these, most are stable or improving, and 1 is in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

218 are isolated and cared for at community facilities. These are those who have mild symptoms, or are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19.

30 have passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection.

Featured Image: Rajaraman Arumugam / Shutterstock.com (Image is for illustration purpose only)

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