218 Covid-19 Cases Reported Today (9 June); 6 Community Cases With No Singaporeans/PRs

On 9 June, the Ministry of Health preliminarily reported 218 Covid-19 cases.

There are six cases in the community, all of them work pass holders.

Foreign workers in dormitories make up for the rest of the numbers.


This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore to 38,514.

Average COVID-19 Community Cases Have Tripled & Unlinked Cases Doubled But Situation is Still ‘Under Control’

If you’ve been paying attention to the daily number of Covid-19 cases, you’ll realise that something:

  • The average number of community cases has tripled from 3 to 9
  • And the average number of unlinked Covid-19 cases has doubled from 2 to 4

Is it time to panic?

Image: quickmeme

At least not according to the multi-ministry task force.

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Proactive Screening

Here’s why community cases are rising: proactive screening

Instead of waiting for cases to show up (and potentially infect more while they’re undetected), the authorities are running tests on older students, pre-school staff as well as the staff and residents of senior homes.

For seniors 65 years and above, healthcare workers, and staff members of educational institutions and older students, they will be tested the moment they see a doctor for acute respiratory infections (ARI).

Previously, people will only be tested if they have prolonged infection (read: after 5 days’ MC).

In fact, most community cases found over the past week were from proactive screening, the task force pointed out.

Which means, as long as we keep to what we’ve been doing (practise safe distancing, wear masks, adhere to the rules), we might just be on track to Phase 2.

The task force said that they’ll be monitoring the situation over the coming week and make a decision on when to enter Phase 2 later this month.