Crane Topples From The 30th Floor of The Building Onto Train That Was Passing By


Last Updated on 2023-05-16 , 2:13 pm

Around noon on 10 May 2023, a tragic accident took place in Taichung, Taiwan, where a crane fell from a construction site onto a moving train on the Green Line of the Taichung Metro. 

The impact caused significant damage to the train, resulting in one fatality and eight injuries, including two primary school students.

The crane fell from a height of over 30 stories, tearing through the train’s side and shattering glass windows. 

The reason for the collapse is still unknown, and authorities have suspended ongoing construction work at the site to conduct an investigation.

Crane Collapses From Construction Site Topples On Train in Taiwan

Reports indicate that the incident took place at the intersection of Wenxin South 5th Road and Wenxin Road in Taichung City’s Nantun District at a construction site. 

Some witnesses and individuals have been sharing footage and photos of the accident on the Facebook Group “爆廢公社,” shedding some light on how the crane fell.

Although the cause of the crane’s collapse is still being investigated, some footage has surfaced on social media, showing the precise moment when the crane fell. 

As seen in the footage uploaded on Facebook, the crane appears to have toppled from a skyscraper, causing extensive damage to the train and its surroundings. 

The crane fell from a height of more than 30 stories, crushing a moving train near Feng Le Station around noon.

Image: Facebook (@秦秦)

Images of the train and its interior showed that the crane managed to rip through the side of the train upon collision, tearing off metal sheets, shattering glass windows, and even causing some seats inside the cabin to be thrown off the train’s structure.

The front of the train was also left severely battered after the crash, and the cabin looked like a tornado had erupted inside.

Multiple Passengers Injured, and One Fatality Was Recorded

According to the Taiwan Police, the eight injured people included five men, one of them a foreign national from Canada.


The foreign national and three other women were taken to hospitals nearby for injuries involving deep cuts on their heads and limbs.

Meanwhile, two elementary school students were also injured in the accident and suffered cuts on their feet from flying glass shards.

Tragically, the incident resulted in the death of a 52-year-old woman named Ms Lin. 

She was trapped under the carriage during the accident and ended up getting crushed with severe head trauma. 

Although emergency responders were able to extract her from under the carriage, it was too late for the woman as by the time they reached the accident site, she was already showing no vital signs. 


They immediately rushed her to the hospital but she passed away in the ambulance before they arrived at the hospital.

According to the Taichung Fire Brigade, Ms Lin was in critical condition as she was launched from the carriage when the crane fell onto the train. 

The train was still in motion at the time, contributing to her fatal injuries.

Construction Site to Halt All Work

While the investigation into the incident is ongoing, the construction company in charge of the site has been instructed to suspend all construction activities.

In addition, train services were affected as well.

Taichung MRT released a statement on its website, informing the public that trains between Beitun Main Station and Taichung City Hall Station, as well as between Jiuzhangli Station and the HSR Taichung Station, would be providing limited services to accommodate the increased passenger traffic resulting from the closure of the Feng Le station.