Up to 9 Ex-Girlfriends Crashed Groom’s Wedding to “Destroy” Groom


Last Updated on 2023-05-14 , 1:00 pm

Weddings are occasions of glamour, joy and celebration. Having nine of your ex-girlfriends turn up to the wedding can put a damper on the atmosphere. This was precisely what this man in Yunnan experienced while walking down the aisle with his beloved.

Even though this was humiliating, the man definitely has “rizz”, as youngsters these days will say.

The Wedding Details

On 6 February, the clamour from the wedding in Hengdi Village, Zhenxiong county, Yunnan province, indicated that the wedding was proceeding well.

The groom, Chen Song, was about to escort his blushing bride down the red carpet when disaster struck in the form of a group of the groom’s previous girlfriends.

A total of up to nine of them stood in a line on the red carpet, blocking the couple, while holding up a large, red banner with characters detailing that they were the groom’s ex-girlfriends and would destroy him today. Giggling and whispering amongst themselves, they were wholly unrepentant, even grinning widely at the stunned couple.

image: Weibo (Feidian)

This moment was captured on camera and shared on Weibo.


Unfortunately for the reputation of the groom, the video blew up with around 14 thousand likes and five thousand comments.

The Aftermath

The bride did not look entertained, and Chen merely averted his eyes in (presumably) embarrassment.

The guests, however, were either amused or curious as some approached the group, asking them about their “protest”. The groom and the bride even went over to talk to them at one point, Feidian Video, a Chinese news platform, stated.

Baixing Guanzhu, a subsidiary of Guizhou TV, commented that many of the guests believed it to be a prank as a cousin of the groom added that the banner was custom-made by Chen’s friends as a joke.

However, this wasn’t the case, as some of the women in the group were indeed the groom’s ex-girlfriends, taking the meaning of “psycho ex(es)” to another level.

Trouble in the Newlyweds’ Paradise

Understandably, the bride and her family were distraught, with the latter demanding explanation from Chen.

His new wife’s mood was sour the whole day after that disaster of the wedding, and Chen commented to Feidian Video that it was extremely humiliating. He also admitted that he recognised some women as his exes.

He was quick to defend himself by saying that he was immature and young in the past, resulting in him not treating his girlfriends well.

After that riveting reflection, he advised listeners to treat women with respect, as if that was such a foreign concept to comprehend. He emphasised that one has to be loyal to their girlfriend, or else when she decides she wants revenge, one would have to pay a steep price.

No Sympathy

Netizens on Weibo, just like the bride, were not impressed at all. Many expressed that he deserved it.

image: Weibo (Feidian)

Comments like the one above were common; most advising the new wife to leave him or to “clean her eyes” and finding delight in Chen’s humiliation, saying he deserved it.

image: Weibo (Feidian)

There were also comments directed to the group of exes, praising them for their “beautiful work”, proving, once again, that the internet is a truly iconic place.

At least their wedding was unforgettable, right?

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