Crazy Rich Asians Movie Scores 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes Despite Unfavourable Feedback From S’poreans

If you’ve ever wondered if Singapore stars are inferior compared to the rest of the world, this movie is out to prove you wrong.

Because it might have just been screened in America two days ago, but the movie’s already making headlines over there.

And all for the right reason.

Crazy Rich Asians, The Movie


In case you didn’t know, Crazy Rich Asians is a movie adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name written by Singaporean Kevin Kwan.

And it’s the first Hollywood movie in 25 years featuring Asian-Americans as the leading characters.

If that’s not enough to get you supporting the movie, our very own Singaporean stars starred in the movie as well.

They include:

  • Fiona Xie
  • Pierre Png
  • Selena Tan (one of the three ladies in Dim Sum Dollies)
  • Janice Koh
  • Tan Kheng Hua
  • Amy Cheng

But then, S’poreans Start Criticising The Movie After Watching The Trailer

When the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians hit the internet, people were excited. Especially Singaporeans, since the movie will showcase plenty of Singapore to the rest of the world.

Pretty much like the Kim-Trump Summit, except without having armed guards and closed roads in Singapore.

That anticipation and excitement dropped like my fat boss when he’s asked to do a push-up after watching the trailer.

Netizens accuse the movie of not being representative of Singapore or the rest of South-east Asia.

Like what Alfian Sa’at said, you don’t get Asians by getting rid of the white and replacing them with white-wannabes.

Others wondered at how Singapore can the movie be if non-Chinese people are not depicted in the movie, besides as a backdrop.

Image: Twitter

And with that, nobody has much hope for the movie anymore. Including my boss, who’s a mega-fanboy of Fiona Xie.

He assured me it has nothing to do with her running down Orchard Road in a bikini. Yeah…

Except, Crazy Rich Asians Score A Win in American Cinemas

Rotten Tomatoes is the premier site which gives legitimate and reliable ratings on movies, since it curate reviews from established reviewers. In fact, one of my colleagues decide whether to watch a movie or not based solely on Rotten Tomatoes: anything below 50% is a no-go for him.

And just two days after the premiere of Crazy Rich Asians in the United States, the movie scored 100% ratings on the site.

Image: Screengrab from Rotten Tomatoes

Which, by the way, is a huge achievement.

Avengers: Infinity War only scored 83% on their own Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The movie is expected to earn US$20 to US$30 million in the first five-day opening weekend.

Here are some reviews about the movie:

As you can see, Asians loved the movie, especially how it portrays the mega-rich and the ridiculous situations the female lead (who, well, isn’t mega rich) gets into.

However, if you go to the movie expecting to see Singapore after a patriotic National Day, don’t bother. After all, the movie’s Crazy Rich Asians, not Crazy Rich Singaporeans.

But really, a chance to see Asians poke fun at ang mohs? Count me in.

After all, how many times can you see an Asian say, Finish up that plate of nuggets. You know there are kids starving in America, right?

And know that Americans all burst out laughing at that joke?

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