Creative S’porean Creates A Telegram Bot That Tells You Where It’s Raining in S’pore

There’s been more rainfall these last two months than tears in my adolescence, which is saying a lot.

It’s been raining so much that even Singapore, one of the hottest and most humid countries in the world, experienced temperatures as low as 21.4 deg C this month.

We used to give the sun death stares and wished for some rain to wash over all the heat in this tropical country, but now it’s raining so much we actually miss the sun.

Sun: Aww

It’s just that you’re so hot sometimes we can’t handle it.

Sun: *blushes*

Now, we bring our umbrellas everywhere, after getting caught in the rain so many times in November.

But what if I told you that there’s a way to check where it’s raining with a few taps of your thumbs?

Creative S’porean Creates A Telegram Bot That Tells You Where It’s Raining in S’pore

It’s almost 2020, guys. The future is here.

We now have self-driving cars, hoverboards, food pills, 3D printers, and even cloning.

Image: Small Business

But this… this Singaporean’s creation is a gift from heaven.

One inventive Singaporean created a Telegram bot that tells you where it’s raining in Singapore.

This is how it works.

First, search for Rain Korkor on Telegram and click “Start”.

Then, simply click pic or gif and Rain Korkor will get to work. The trusty bot even speaks Singlish!

And then you’ll get a picture or gif of a map of Singapore showing the areas where it’s raining and how heavy it is.

Isn’t that amazing?

Reader: Couldn’t you just… you know, check NEA’s website?


I mean, I guess you could. But, according to my calculations, you’d have to tap your phone five times to go NEA’s weather page, and only three times for Rain Korkor, so using this bot saves time.

Reader: Can’t argue with that. 

The rain bot developer, who calls himself Mee Pok Uncle on Reddit, shared his creation in an online post, and netizens were both impressed and grateful.

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

This is a sentence I never thought I’d say, but Mee Pok Uncle is the hero we all need but don’t deserve.

Thanks, Rain Korkor.

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