Creative S’porean Remakes SAF Army Footage Into Naruto Inspiring Anime Introduction

Image: YouTube (Sean Goh)


I‘m sure you’re aware of anime.

Image: GamesRadar

Basically higher-tier cartoons that focus on a diverse range of topics (including tentacles), it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to deem them as the K-dramas of Japan.

Such is the appeal of anime.

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And it seems that recently, anime fans have been adamant about ‘anime-lising’ their favourite shows as well.

Take, for example, this anime intro of the smash hit Avengers: Infinity War.

Or how about the classic cartoon that has accompanied us through the ages, Spongebob Squarepants?

(Note: this one’s kinda dark)


But to really realise the impact anime has had on the world, just look at this:

Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl Facebook Page

Yes, ladies and gentlemen…

Our own Army force has been ‘anime-lised’…

And it’s sick af.

Aruto: Our Army, Ready, Decisive, Respected

Just two days ago, Facebook page Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl gave the Singapore Army a tribute they probably, in hindsight, did not expect:

An anime intro catering to all the hard-working military men and women of the nation.

Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl Facebook Page

And it’s, honestly speaking, really well done too. Created with one of Naruto’s most iconic soundtracks and built in with authentic-looking Japanese text layovers (similar to actual anime), the video even had its fair share of ‘adrenaline-pumping’ moments just like the original source.


Image: Naruto Sentsu Youtube
Image: Naruto Sentsu Youtube

Our Singapore Army:

Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl Facebook Page
Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl Facebook Page

And Netizens evidently agree too, with comments that emanated nothing but the highest praise for the video’s creator.

Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl Facebook Page

In fact, people were even ‘pumped up’ to sign on for the Army…

Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl Facebook Page
Image: Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl

And it really makes me wonder; new idea maybe, Singapore Army? 😉

Meanwhile, you can watch the epic anime serial trailer here.

But guess what;

The Singapore Army isn’t the only one getting its own serialisation.


The Navy and the Air Force have their own renditions as well.

Here, check them out:


WHAT IF THE SINGAPORE NAVY HAD AN ANIME OPENING? (source video credits to Mindef, Chris Eger and Graphiss Media on YouTube, music by Kana-Boon from Naruto Shippuden)

Posted by Memedef on Monday, 8 April 2019

What If The Singapore Air Force Had an Anime Opening?

What If The Singapore Air Force Had an Anime Opening?So we saw anime openings for the Republic of Singapore Navy and The Singapore Army… Navy by Memedef: by Sentai Dad vs Rider Girl: we thought, The Republic of Singapore Air Force can't be left behind! So here's our take on a "RSAF Anime Opening"!! This is a parody edit. Footage and music belongs to their respective rights holders. Hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it!!P.S. No OSA has been broken in the making of this video. 😂

Posted by tokuAsia Pictures on Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Personally, I really dig the Air Force one. Not only because I hail from the vocation of the planes, but because the video actually boasted a line-up of actual lead characters.

Like what, we have lead characters now?

Image: Giphy

Anime’s taking over the world

A hundred years ago, the Wise Old Man said this:

“One day, the world will be taken over. Not by a second-gen Hitler. Not by evil sorcerers from Narnia. No, not even by ladies dancing in bunny suits. Rather, it will be taken over by hand-drawn flicks from the land of the Rising Sun.



And while people might’ve laughed at him back then, I’m sure they aren’t now.

Image: Giphy

And with that said…

Omae wa shindeiru. 

Sorry, couldn’t help it.



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