Cristiano Ronaldo Made Surprise Visit to Botanic Gardens While He was in S’pore

Calling some football fans.

Did you manage to catch a glimpse of Cristiano Ronaldo in Singapore when he visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens?

The start football player stopped by the scenic area when he was in town to support the philanthropic activities of his friend Mr Peter Lim in Singapore.

Here is what happened.

Cristiano Ronaldo Was Seen at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Yesterday, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo made a quick 15-to-20-minute stop at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Fans were seen running along his buggy (which, of course, was flanked by a robust security detail to protect the football star).

Some lucky fans also managed to get his autograph on their sports jerseys.

Cheers of “Siu”, which is Portuguese for “yes”, were also heard as that is the tagline the player says whenever he scores a goal. The welcome for the star was reminiscent of the energy seen at a K-pop concert.

His appearance at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and in Singapore was in connection with the star’s efforts to support the scholarships launched by Mr Lim.

One of the scholarships was the NParks-Peter Lim Scholarship. It was created to “enable deserving youths from less privileged backgrounds to pursue their interest, support their skills development and build capability in the landscaping, horticulture, ecology, veterinary and animal science sectors”.

A total of $10 million was pledged by Mr Lim to assist these students in their education.

As part of the celebration, many of the scholarship recipients who were from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) took a group photo with Ronaldo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Was in Singapore to Support Youth Scholarships

Apart from the NParks-Peter Lim Scholarship, the Portuguese football player is also reportedly meeting around 1,000 youths in Singapore.

This is part of the SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship. SOF stands for Singapore Olympic Foundation.

This scholarship is again possible with the generous $10 million donation from Mr Lim and has as its “driving force” the “desire to ensure that no promising young athlete who is committed to chasing his or her sporting dreams should be hampered by financial restraints”.

Recipients must be under 18 years old and pursuing sporting excellence in their chosen fields to be considered for this SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship.

The football forward also took some time to take part in sports, enjoying a game of Padel while he was in Singapore. Padel is a racket sport that is a mix of tennis and squash.