Customer Expects 20-Min Delivery By GrabFood, Says Rider Has To Pay For Meal If She Is Late

I’ve said this one too many times but it needs to be said again.

Being a GrabFood rider is kind of suffering these few weeks.

Having PMDs banned on footpaths and roads really does make delivery jobs so much harder.

If you’ve forgotten about it, here’s a video to remind you about the ban again:

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So please take it easy on your delivery person when you order something.

However, some people simply have no chill.

Some people still want to make unreasonable demands for the GrabFood riders.

‘Rider Will Pay For It’

Imagine being so entitled that you want to demand stuff from someone delivering you food.

According to MustShareNews, a GrabFood rider received a rather shocking request from one customer.

In the Facebook post above, Sarah, presumably the rider, got a note from the customer saying to deliver the order within 20 minutes.

The consequence of failing? She would have to pay for the food instead.

So after double checking with Google Maps, let me break down why this is really hard to do.

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The mall where the food is prepared is 2.5km from the customer’s house and food isn’t prepared immediately. That takes time.

Image: Giphy

Next, the distance by foot would take over 30 minutes.

Combined with the occasional use of the PMD and it would only reduce the time taken by so little.

Maybe it isn’t my place to say this but this customer might be a little…silly to demand such a fast delivery.

I’ve got to remember to be civil around here.

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The post has gone rather viral, garnering 556 comments, 757 shares and 397 likes as of this writing.

Comments Section Blow Up

The Facebook page is literally called ‘All Singapore Stuff’.


So you know what folks like us do when we see some nonsense like this online. Someone’s definitely going to get their serving of the comments section.

People were either furious or throwing mad sarcastic remarks.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Hey, a possible but very likely conspiracy theory in this one. I give it a 10/10 for sure.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

A good way to get a free lunch in all honesty.

And according to the picture, it says Swensen’s so that’s going to be a really good meal!

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Well, I think it’s good to have at least one that isn’t totally dripping with sarcasm.

While this netizen might be extra gracious, I do think they have the right idea to show some love from the GrabFood riders.

At the very least, a simple and sincere ‘thank you’ is enough sometimes.

Someone’s crappy day filled with undesirable customers like this can have their mood turned around from a simple encouragement.

Big respect to all GrabFood riders for carrying on with your work. Every delivery is greatly appreciated.

Image: Pinterest

But seriously, where’s the food that we’ve ordered 5 minutes ago?!

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