Customer Found Blue Plastic Inside a Sausage Bought from Sheng Siong; Sheng Siong Has Responded

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Has anyone of you cut your sausage before consuming them, so that you can be sure that there’s nothing else except meat inside those delicious, processed food?

Well, no one ever.

But since it’s processed, you can bet that mistakes do occur during the process, and in the process, the processed food might possess some additional ingredients that should be there.

Like what Inda has found out.

Blue Plastic In Chicken Sausage

While preparing dinner for her little tots, Inda was royally surprised and upset to find a blue strip of unidentified plastic in her chicken franks (sausages).

Quite frankly, I don’t blame her.


Horrified by this discovery, Inda took some pictures of the sausages and sent them in to Stomp. (Because that is the best way to get the attention of the big corporates)


Sheng Shiong quickly investigated the case and the mystery of the blue plastic has been solved. It belonged to the personal protective equipment of one of the staff.

Lest you think of PPE as these items…

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It also includes things like a glove, which most likely is the extra ingredient there.

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The batch of chicken sausages, which was manufactured in February 2019, was immediately recalled upon the incident, and the supplier has been notified.

A spokesperson from Sheng Siong said, “We have apologised to the customer for the incident and we are grateful that she has brought the incident to Stomp’s knowledge. The customer has also handed the product to us.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

“From the supplier’s investigations, the blue material came from the personal protective equipment that the employees wore.

“The supplier has since taken actions to step up on training and checks on the employees’ protective equipment.

“We will continue to work closely with the supplier to ensure quality standards.”

So far, there hasn’t bee any update from the supplier.

But let’s face it: when things like this happened, people often blame the supermarket, and Sheng Shiong has unfortunately come under fire recently for a few hygiene concerns with regards to the products sold.

In early March, a man was horrified to find a dead rat in his basmati rice. The House Brand has since been removed from the shelves of Sheng Shiong.

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In end-March this year, another customer found mould in the glutinous beef rice that she purchased. She discovered that the freezers that they were stored in were not sufficient to keep the food fresh.


And just a month ago, a customer found maggots wriggling in her eggs. This was bought from the Sheng Shiong outlet in Yishun.

Let’s just say that while Singapore is rather strict in the quality of food sold here, it doesn’t hurt to be a tad more careful.